Middle of Nowhere: What Happens When a Spirit Enters the Grey Zone?

What does it mean to be in the grey zone? 

All things in this universe exist and lie along, a spectrum.

From Black to White.

From Infrared to Ultraviolet

From Hot to Cold

From Fear to Love.

From Low Energy to High Energy.

And spiritually, from Dark to Light.

Along the spectrum from Dark to Light, we travel on the journey of our soul’s growth, such that at any given time, we as individuals, exist somewhere along this spectrum.

On this physical earth, we are the combined union of 3 bodies:

 Our Physical Body

 Our Spiritual Body

 Our Energetic Body

We live a physical life, and we have a physical body that allows us to function in the physical realm. We have arms, legs, feet, skin, eyes, and hair. We have a digestive system and a brain – all features that allow us to lead a physical existence.

But there’s so much more to who we are than just our physical selves – we have thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, ideologies, morals, ethical standards, life perspectives and interactions that are unique to our own existence. These are all elements that comprise your Spiritual body, and consist of your spiritual existence.

And our energetic body, consists of the unique resonance of each element of our physical body and of our spiritual body, combined. Our energetic body vibrates at a combined, individually personalized, harmonic frequency, generated by events in both our physical and spiritual system.

We are the combined union, the trinity, of 3 selves, while we exist on the physical plane. And once we transcend our physical life, we release our physical body yet we retain our spiritual and energetic body, to carry on with us to the Spiritual plane.

Your combined Spiritual and Energetic Body is transcendent.

Who you are as an individual is tied so much more to your transcendent being, than it is to your temporary, physical being. And right now, you are the physical embodiment of a transcendent being.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your experiences, and all the pieces that make you, who you are, at the level of Spirit, and translate, to an energetic vibration in alignment with your current state as a Spirit.

When we consider the spectrum from Dark to Light, we consider it in terms of your transcendent self.

In terms of your Spiritual and Energetic body – this combined being – lies at any given time, somewhere on the spectrum from Dark to Light.

And this spectrum, is in complete alignment with the spectrum from Fear to Love. From Anger to Love. And from Low Energy to High Energy.

There are beings who, at this time, lie on the lower end of the spectrum. Walk away from the Path of the light, and feel low energy emotions – anger, hate, jealousy, sadness, resentment, malintent, and spite – much of the time.

And there are beings who, at this time, lie on the higher end of the spectrum, and walk in and towards, the path of the Light, striving to achieve and align with the emotions of happiness, love, gratitude, compassion, joy, and elation.

Middle of Nowhere: What Happens When a Spirit Enters the Grey Zone by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

But what happens, to those who walk somewhere in between?

Those who feel no strong emotion in either direction, remain apathetic and walk the line down the middle, equidistant from Dark and from Light.

This is the Grey Zone.

You can exist in the Dark and you can exist in the Light, right here on Earth.

You can walk into the path of Light ages before you ever transcend, or cross into the afterlife. Similarly, you can walk into, or choose, the path of Dark, years before you ever have to make the choice at your passing.

You can also choose Grey – here now, or once you reach the other side.

No choice is ever black and white, and we all have shades of choice. Differing levels of agreement or disagreement.

You can choose, from here on out, to walk the path of the Light. To make the decision to intend for love, gratitude, and happiness on a daily basis. Or, you can wake up and choose anger, hate, and resentment, either temporarily, or permanently, choosing to walk in the shadow of the Dark.

But what if you wake up, and choose neither?

Choosing neither happiness and love or anger and hate. Choosing instead, for complacency. No change. Indifference. Apathy. A life of “meh.”

This is choosing Grey. And when you, your Spirit, makes this choice, on a continual basis, this is an implicit choice to be in the Grey Zone.

A choice to be neither Dark nor Light, but to walk down the middle. In the grey cloud of overcast. Of neither sunlight or darkness.

When someone exists in the Grey Zone – there are tell tale signs.

In fact, you may already have an idea if you, or someone you know, may be in this zone,

   Do you feel indifferent about starting your day?

    Is there a lack of enthusiasm in things that you used to find exciting?

    Do you struggle to smile and find joy in things?

    Do you have a lot of “not cares” or “non-preferences”?

    Do you feel bored with everything or most things?

    Do feel trapped and helpless to your situation?

    Do you feel a sense of hopelessness, that nothing you do is working so why even try?

If these feelings and thoughts exist for a prolonged period of time, there exists the potential of a more permanent Grey choice. The choice to exist in the Grey Zone from here on out, even after this life on Earth is over.

Occasionally, we as Spirits and as individuals, are given the choice to go into the Light, or not, well before our physical body ceases to exist. In fact – each day, we are given this choice, over and over again, as often as the sun rises, we are given the choice of Light.

And sometimes, our Spirit can consciously or unconsciously, make our transcendent choice before we pass on. We can choose for our Spirit, at any time, Dark, Light, or Grey and the direction in which we want to walk. And once this choice is made, often times it sticks, until we reach a point of intervention.

Until a friend, a family member, a stranger, or a compassionate light worker, reaches out their hand, extends the torch, and offers us an olive branch into the Light. And once more, we’re given the choice – to stay, or to choose Light.

If you’d like to know what happens to Grey Zone individuals in the afterlife in Spirit, check out this follow up post on Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium‘s blog, where she describes the solution for transcended Spirits in the Grey Zone – how they are reached by an olive branch, and how they can choose Light.

With love on your journey,

LAST UPDATED: September 15, 2014