Morning Sickness: Why it Happens

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was sick day and night.

Like clockwork, right at 6 weeks is when it started. And it pretty much never stopped until the very end.

No remedy seemed to provide much relief, and it just became a new way of life.

I vaguely understood, on a theoretical level, that it was hormones, but beyond that, I didn’t really think much about it.

Years later, I’ve had the chance to reflect on what could really cause morning and all day sickness during pregnancy.

It goes much deeper than hormones.

Pregnancy is more than just the fertilization of a female egg with a male sperm. In the moment of conception, something else happens.

You, as parents, welcome a child into your life.

A little baby that has a little baby spirit, just like me and you have a spirit.

All humans have a spirit. This is who makes us who we are – our thoughts, feelings, personalities, experiences, perspectives, and quirks. This is our spirit. And that little baby also has one.

As a mother, you’re growing a physical baby, sure – but you’re also now the home of the spirit of a little baby, waiting to be born.

Before, it was just you. Just your spirit. Just your energy. Just your body.

Now there’s another body, actively growing, and another spirit.

There’s one more important piece of the puzzle to understand. It has to do with energy.

You are made of a physical body and a spirit. Your blood, your bones, your uterus, your organs are all parts of your physical body. Your thoughts, your feelings, your life experiences, are all parts of your spirit. And all of these bits and pieces of you, physical and spiritual, are made of energy. Energetic particles, molecules made up of atoms, protons, and electrons, all combine to form the unique person that you are. Each and every component.

You’re a physical, spiritual, and energetic being.

And so is your baby.

When the two come together, Mom and baby, a melding has to occur. A blending of energies, a union of beings, an integration of Spirits.

There's a blending and mixing of energy that needs to occur when a Mom and a baby (or babies) unite. This blending and union of energy is the root cause of morning sickness. 

Before it was just you. Your body, your spirit, your energy.

When you become pregnant, you add another body, another spirit, and another energetic body. (Or more, in the case of multiples).

And because your physical body is made of energy too, you can feel often this transition period. As morning sickness.

Imagine the blending of energies and spirits between mother and child like the turning of the tides or the blending of an inter-tidal zone. It’s a mixing area, there’s sometimes whirlpools, and rapid water. There are periods of calm, but the inter-tidal can be an area of rapid changes and fluctuations during periods of transitions of tides.

You can think of what happens during early pregnancy, and even throughout pregnancy, as a transition or a turning of tides, but with your own energy and spirit.

Physically, this mixing and turning can and does cause nausea to the point of vomiting.

When there’s a change in your energetic and spiritual state, because your physical body is also made of energy, this change can be felt. In pregnancy, there is the need to welcome and integrate the spirit and the energy of the little baby you are growing.

This is a time of transition, a time of mixing, and a period of blending. Where you and your baby adjust to your new life together.

It’s not all bad – this is also a time of bonding and a time in which your energy is aligned and harmonized with the energy of your child.

Because this process, and the necessity of it, morning sickness for most women is considered unavoidable.

The degree of severity of morning sickness depends on many factors, such as your own sensitivity to energetic changes, the number of spirits you are welcoming (multiples!), the degree to which there is a difference between your energy and the baby’s energy, and so much more.

There are things you can do to help facilitate this process and alleviate the physical discomfort of the transition, such as:

Decreasing feelings of worry or resistance.

When was pregnant with my daughter, I was worried about bringing her into this world as a first semester Ph.D. graduate student. Worry, fear, and dis-ease regarding the pregnancy introduces resistance to the energetic and spiritual blending process, making the transition bumpier than needed.

Drinking lots of water.

Water is a conduit for energy, the more of if you have in your system, the more easily it is for energy to move through you. This helps hasten and move along the blending process by giving the energy a smooth conduit through which to flow. If water is problem, consider other ways to increase fluid intake like eating fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as watermelon and celery, or eating comforting foods that are mostly water, like ice pops.

Rest. As much rest as possible.

Your energy is mixing with the energy of another being right now, and your body is being dominated by that process. The more energy that you can devote to this transition, the faster it is able to happen. Diverting energy to any other task is taking away energy that cannot harnessed to speed along the energetic union of you and your baby.

The root of morning sickness is a shifting of the tides, from a state where it was just you and your spirit and energy in your body, to the new state of mom + baby.

You’re meshing, bonding, and building a new state with the two of you, and that transition, while built on love, leaves room for periods of unstable ground and unsteady terrain. It is during these times that you can feel the effects of that physically, as morning sickness.

Happy baby bonding,

LAST UPDATED: March 16, 2015