Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Spiritual Lady in Your Life

When I give healing sessions, the NUMBER ONE most recommended advice that Spirit gives – is to nurture yourself. To treat yourself. To take time for yourself. To give yourself a gift.

TO RECEIVE for once.

Mother’s are perpetually giving. It’s the nature of being a Mother. And Mother’s Day is that designated time every year where Mothers (hopefully) get to have a whole day focused on them receiving, rather than giving.

Let’s celebrate that!

I’ve cultivated a list of perfect Mother’s Day gifts for the spiritual lady in your life, even if that spiritual lady is you.

15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Goddess Figurines, from thisthatandthese on, ~$45

These things are amazing, aren’t they? Handmade goddess figurines to represent phases on motherhood and womanhood. Pictured below is the breastfeeding goddess figurine, my personal favorite, though the seller currently has listings for a fertility goddess, a mama goddess, an abundance goddess, and more! Go check em’ out.

Goddess Figurine

2. Chakra Dreamcatcher Rainbow Wall Hanging, FloridaMoonMama on, $35

I’ve wanted one of these for SO LONG. Gorgeous. That’s all.

Chakra Dreamcatcher

3. A Custom Moon Phase Necklace, like this one from yugentribe on, $68

You can have a necklace made that displays the moon phase from a date that you choose, like the birth of a child. I received one like this as a gift when my daughter was a baby and even I want this one as an upgrade!

Custom Moon Phase Necklace

4. A Bath Bomb Gift Set, like this one from LUSH, $45.95

Bathing is a sacred experience. It’s a time when you can connect with yourself, and with Spirit – and be all alone in a warm, snuggly, watery embrace. This gift box from LUSH has SIX bath bombs in it. That’s 6 sacred alone times just for you, or, er, your mom/wife/sister.

Gift set from LUSH - six bath bombs

5. A Spiritual Subscription Box, like Goddess Provisions, $33-333 depending on length of subscription

Gifts, and then, more gifts! Goddess Provisions sends a monthly gift box of spiritual and high vibration goods directly to the woman in your life who totally deserves more gifts. . . which is all of us. I mean, will someone get this for me? Kthx.

Goddess Provisions Third Eye Chakra Box

6. Rose Quartz Open Heart Chakra Pendant by TheRockStarGoddess on, $35

This pendant acts to continually heal, soothe, and protect the heart chakra while reminding us to be nurturing to ourselves and others. Perfect for any mother.

Open Heart Chakra Pendant 

7. A tea sampler set, like this one from Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary, $35

Sample herbal teas before you buy them! This one even includes a Wisdom Tea for meditation.

Tea Sampler Gift Box

8. A bath tray

Holds bath essentials on a level surface, resting right on the sides of your tub. This way,  you don’t have to worry about knocking your things into the tub. Pair with some bath bombs, and you’re all set for a major sacred bathing experience upgrade!

Bath Tray

9. Heart Chakra Opening Wind Chimes, $60

Tuned to the sound frequency that opens and heals the heart chakra, these wind chimes are the perfect healing addition to your outdoor space!

Sound Healing Chimes

10. Custom Made Healing Wrap Bracelet from InnerMoonJewels on, $75

Guys. GUYS. This shop owner custom makes a healing bracelet based on the supportive, therapeutic qualities that you desire. And once it’s on, it stays on. Check out her shop – she also has breastfeeding necklaces that come with lactation teas, chakra healing jewelry, and so many other spiritual creations.

Custom Made Healing Wrap Bracelet 

11. A nursing/babywearing necklace that a Mom would actually want to wear herself, pictured below is a Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Fluorite, Amazonite & Jasper Necklace from LovelyLittleAcorns on, $39.98

We’ve come a long way from the silicone and wooden beads that women are expected to wear as jewelry because their babies like them, not because they actually look good. Babies and kids grab things, I GET IT, but that doesn’t mean moms can’t wear necklaces that they feel good in. Bonus if you can get one with crystal healing properties, too!

12. The Maskers Gift Set from Timeless Organics Skincare, $49.99

Pampering + Healing in one! Clay is a powerful detoxifying agent and will pull to the surface anything that we’re unable to sweat out or release from our bodies in another way.

The Maskers Gift Set

13. A gift sampler of French Macarons, pictured are from ‘Lette Macarons (who ship overnight!)

Um, because I’m not sure I know a woman alive whom, sans dietary restrictions, would deny such a luxurious gift. Buy locally, or you can buy online and have them shipped fresh overnight, directly to you.

'Lette Macarons

14. A Reading or a Healing, price varies

I received a gift card for a chakra healing one Mother’s Day – and it was great! Sometimes, the most loving thing we can do is to receive divine guidance or divine healing on our paths.  If you’re buying for someone else and not sure if they’d want one (some people, like me, are always game for a reading), I would find a way to check first before you buy just to be on the safe side. While I have many go to healers and mediums I suggest,  Nicole Hannan of Spirit Mountain Medium is a talented friend and colleague currently offering distance readings! Check her out! 

15. A Massage, Spa Day, or a BREAK

Give yourself, or the mom in your life, permission to take the day or the afternoon OFF with no responsibilities. ALL moms need some time to themselves to recharge, or they risk burnout and losing it. Buy yourself a break and a recharge with a massage or a trip to the spa, buy it for the mother you know, or, if money is a barrier, offer to take the kids off her hands and just give her some time all to herself. For several hours. Alone time is priceless.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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