Movies and Books Recommended for Psychic Kids

I have a psychic kid, you have a psychic kid.

Let’s talk about educating them.

It can be hard to find the words to describe and explain the intangible worlds of Spirit and Energy that your child is able to see, hear, and feel. Exponentially more difficult if you are not yet up to speed on these worlds yourself, or if you can’t always see what they see and hear what your child hears.

But yet, as a parent with a child, you want to do everything you can to support and help them understand their world, and you have a psychic child, so this includes their psychic world.

In learning, it can help immensely to turn to visual aides, stories, and media to help provide our children with a grasp on what they are experiencing, while also providing some comfort that they are not alone in their experience.

I can see, feel, and hear Spirit too, but I’m not always tuned into the Spirit world. And with a toddler, it can be hard to explain something in a way that she can understand.

On a quest to help my daughter with an understanding of her Spiritual experiences, I first turned to children’s books. To my surprise, it’s slim pickings out there for children’s books talking about the Spirit world.

But not so for movies.

In short order, I started noticing a trend in my daughter’s “accidental” movie selections, on Netflix and otherwise. I would walk into the room, and she’d have selected a movie on her tablet that was talking about connecting with Tree Spirits.

Many of her toddler movie choices included Spiritual themes – even popular, mainstream movies!

Listed below are my favorites (so far) as both a Mom, and a spiritual educator.

My top 4 movies and books for psychic kids. Find out what my own daughter watches and reads to help her in understanding of the Spirit world.

Top 4 Movies and Books for Psychic Kids

1. Ratatouille, G (Movie)

A Disney movie in which the main character, Remy the Rat, wants to be a chef.

His primary chef mentor in the movie is a deceased Spirit chef that used to own the restaurant in which Remy works his chef magic with the help of his human counterpart. Remy’s mentor in Spirit visits him several times, in Spirit form, throughout the movie.

The Spirit chef is encouraging, supportive, and always appears with great guidance when Remy is feeling low. A great example of how Spirit really works to guide us every day.

2. Magic Journey to Africa, NR (Movie)

Acting and storyline aside, this movie is on the list for a very special reason. It’s one of a kind in its portrayal a child’s spiritual experience in a positive, well-informed way. The main character is a 10-year-old girl and we follow her on a magical spiritual journey.

In the movie, a friend of the girl dies, but before he does, he writes her a letter to explain that he’s going back to Spirit now, and that if she wishes to connect with him again, she must ask the Tree Spirits to tell her where he is. And she does.

The rest of the movie, we see scenes of her meditating and her own Spirit leaving her body, as she communicates with Spirits of all kinds. I found that this movie discusses Spiritual transitions and experiences in an intelligent, well-informed way that is suitable for young viewers, and does a great job of providing a 10-year-old, regular girl as a relatable role model.

3. Delhi Safari, PG (Movie)

This movie is rated PG, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s something you want to show your kids as it does highlight themes of habitat destruction and there are scenes of violence, namely one in which the father leopard dies. BUT, that’s important for later when he makes his appearance again as a Spirit leopard.

At about 1 hour and 16 minutes in, the leopard cub starts talking about how he can see his deceased leopard dad. The mom leopard shrugs him off as making it up, but then another member of the crew speaks up, a bear, who then launches into a speech about how the deceased father leopard is always with them and that he is still real.

The bear emphasizes that his Spirit is always with them, no matter what.  At which point, every member of the animal crew can then see the father leopard as a Spirit, and in Spirit, father leopard reunites with them for a small leg of their journey.

It’s amazing.

4. The Bake Shop Ghost (Book)

A book geared more towards 4-8-year-olds, than 2-year-olds, this is the only children’s book that I could find anywhere, that has little spook factor and talks about those in Spirit in a friendly way. We own this book, and it’s a little heavy on the story line and word to picture ratio for a younger toddler, but we have read it a few times.

In the book, Cora Lee, the deceased owner of a bakeshop, “haunts” new owners of the bakeshop to make them bake her specialty cakes. This drives out several owners until she meets one owner that is willing to work with her. The relationship between Cora the Spirit and the newest living owner starts as tenuous as the living owner struggles to find out what it is that she needs to do to reach an agreement with Cora.

Over time, however, they become friends and start to work together to create delicious treats. The story line highlights how Cora is actually not as evil and menacing as everyone once thought, and that actually, she’s a friendly, loving Spirit. Perfect.

That’s my short list of media recommendations for psychic children!

There aren’t many options, unfortunately, when it comes to a positive depiction of Spirit in the media – and I plan to keep my eye out for more books and movies as I see them. I’ll keep you posted!

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