My child can see Spirits. Is this normal?

Short answer: Yes, it’s normal.

Long answer:

Before we are born into this world, we exist. We exist as a Spirit.

We choose our parents, our siblings, our friends, and our family for our upcoming lives. Before we enter into the physical world at birth, we will even sometimes communicate with our future family.

Most children can see Spirits. It's normal. Find out why and what you can do to help. More at

Our parents will have dreams about us, our gender, what our name will be, and what our life could be like – before we are ever born.

It’s believed that these dreams are sent to the parents by the child’s Spirit.

And this is true. That’s exactly what happens.

Before our children are born, they exist. They have a soul, a Spirit. Sometimes we know about their existence in our lives long before they ever enter this world. This knowledge comes from their Spirit communicating with us, with our own Spirit.

When our children are born, they enter into this world in their physical body. Their teeny, tiny baby body. And inside that body still exists their baby Spirit.

That’s who you love, anyway – your child’s Spirit. Not their body.

You love their Spirit.

You love their personality, their mannerisms, their quirks, their funny phrases, the sweet way they look at you – none of that exists without the Spirit you love.

And that Spirit, is exactly why they can see those in Spirit.

It’s because they are not all that removed from a time when they were just a Spirit, waiting to become your child.

Because we all have a Spirit within this physical body of ours, we all have the ability to see Spirit. It’s just that our kids are really close to a time when they were only a Spirit.

During that time, they had to communicate and navigate the world with their Spiritual senses. Seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing – all with their Spirit.

These Spiritual senses are also called psychic or intuitive abilities – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

Before your child was born, they had to see, hear, and feel other Spirits within the Spiritual realm for basic interactions. After all, they didn’t have a body then, so it’s not like they could use eyeballs to see, ears to hear, or skin to feel.

They had to use their intuitive senses. One of those senses is the intuitive ability of psychic sight, or clairvoyance.

Your child can see Spirits because they’re still very much in touch with those abilities, since it was not very long ago when your child was a Spirit, waiting to be born, and those were the only abilities they had to use. It wasn’t until they were born into a physical body that they could start using their eyes, ears, and skin to see, hear, and feel, but until then – it’s Spiritual senses only.

When your child is born, they keep their Spirit senses because they still have a Spirit. They still are a free Spirit, Spirit senses and all. Only now, they have physical senses to use too. Eyes that they can see you with, ears that they can hear you with, and skin that they can feel you with.

And those Spirit senses can still be used to communicate with their counterparts in the Spiritual world. Friends they left behind, loved ones they met before they were born, and new people they meet along the way.

Most, if not all, children can see, hear, and feel Spirits.

Not only is it normal. It is THE NORM.

Your child can see Spirits because they still have a Spirit, and in the grand scheme of things, not much time has passed since the time when they were only Spirit.

They’re still spiritually connected. The world, our society, and our culture has not jaded them.

You can foster their connection if you so choose.

And if your child is encountering less than friendly Spirits, you can help them there, too. Find out how here.

That little Spirit of yours is totally normal. Better than normal. Spiritually connected, you could say.

LAST UPDATED: May 2, 2015