New Fall Teleseminars - Distance Healing 2 & The Spirit of Anxiety

Two new teleseminars have been announced! 

Both seminars occur via teleseminar and are recorded, meaning that you can attend from anywhere AND even if you can't attend live, you can still join the class by listening to the recording after the live call. 

Distance Healing 2
(Group Healing)

Thursday, October 27th, 3:30 pm EST

In the next class in the How to: Distance Healing Series, you will learn how to perform a distance group healing, and we'll actually perform one. Each person who registers for the class will receive a healing as well as participate in the healing. To register for the class, you must have taken the first How to: Distance Healing class, or you must already know how to do distance healings. In this class, we'll cover how and why group healing works, how to set one up, how to choose a topic, and how to perform a healing based on that topic. Then, we'll do one! 

*This class will not be offered as a replay unless you pre-register. 

The Spirit of Anxiety

Thursday, November 17th, 3:30 pm EST

This class discusses the spiritual and energetic theory of the basis for anxiety, its causes, and how that translates to the chemical. You'll learn select tools and techniques that Sarah used for healing anxiety and managing the symptoms when they do arise (and why they do!). Join us with an open heart, mind, and a desire to see a new view on the world. 





To learn more about both classes and to register, please head on over to this page of the website

We look forward to having you join us. 



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