Now Open! Annual Spring Cleaning Sessions!

– Spring Cleaning Sessions – 

it’s time to Deep Clean Your Energy field!

**Sold out!**

As we prepare for spring, I’m excited to announce that last year’s favorite session is now becoming an annual tradition!

Spring Cleaning Distance Sessions are BACK. 

Until the official Equinox on March 20, 2016, I’m offering full-body deep-cleansing energy healings. 

Get ready to grow, heal, and expand!

Dust off the energetic cobwebs and make way for new growth  – spring is coming.

Open, clear and cleanse each and every one of your chakras and auric body in this client favorite distance healing session.

Why do this?

Your energetic body is the base for your physical and spiritual health.

Most illness and discomfort of the physical, spiritual, or emotional self can be fully remedied by addressing the needs of your energetic self – the base of the root causes for many issues.

It’s time to care for you.

The Spring Cleaning Session provides:

  • a removal and clearing of all lower and negative energies from your chakra and auric systems

  • a total body cord cutting, removal and healing of all the corded areas

  • a return and integration of all scattered energy to your core being

  • a thorough opening, cleansing and clearing of each chakra

  • a blending of the chakra system to ensure complete connectedness and flow throughout

  • a deep healing and clearing of your aura and auric body

  • a centering, grounding and anchoring of your energetic and spiritual body to mother earth and divine energy above

  • a golden wash of divine healing energy throughout your whole body

  • an integration, unification, and balancing of energy in your chakra and auric system

  • a final, full aura cleansing, healing and shielding

  • the application of a divine light energy protection bubble to close the session and seal your energy from low energy intrusions

start this abundant new season with a clean, fresh breath of air . . . and energy.

At the completion of your session, you will receive a .pdf healing file via email, recapping your session and including the message Sarah received from your Guides.

ready to make way for growth, healing, and vitality?


Spring Cleaning Distance Healing Sessions - offered by Sarah Petruno Shamana until March 20, 2016


let’s get started! 

spring cleaning distance session


When you click buy now above, your payment receipt is confirmation that you will receive your distance healing within the next 14 business days. 

  • Sarah will connect with you a distance to perform the healing and no appointment is necessary. Sessions are completed at a distance, you will not receive a separate scheduling or confirmation email – but rest assured, your session is being worked on and will be completed within 14 business days of purchase. When Sarah completes your session, you will receive your PDF file via email, detailing the messages and information received from your Guides during your session, sent to the email address attached the payment.  Not sure how distance healing works? Read this blog and watch this video
  • For questions, contact
  • By booking a session, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Your session will be completed within 14 business days of purchase.

*Spring Cleaning Distance Sessions are available until March 20, 2016 or until Sarah’s Spirit Guides close the session offering, whichever is sooner.