The Energy Purge: Feeling Sick After Energetic or Spiritual Work?

When you undergo energetic healing of any kind in which the goal is to remove old, stagnant, no longer-serving you energy, and replace it with healed, cleansed, and purified energy – there is a phase shift that must occur.

A shift from the old energetic you, to the new energetic you.

Whether you have started working with and healing your own chakras through guided meditations, or you have been working with an energetic healer to facilitate this healing and cleanse of your own energetic body – if you are to be healed energetically, the shift must occur all the same.

In the simplest of terms, when an energetic healing is performed, the goal is to remove all low energy, slow moving, stagnant energy, potentially causing blockages, and manifesting as physical illness for you. Depending on the modality through which you are being healed, this can be done any number of ways, but on the core level, this low energy is removed from  your energetic system and it is replaced with healed, cleansed, Divine Energy.

That’s how the healing occurs on the energetic level. Old, stagnant energy is removed and replaced by new, free-lowing, Divine Energy.

Out with the old, in with the new – energetically speaking.

But that’s likely not the reason you sought out energy healing in the first place. More so, it was likely because you noticed things were “off” in other areas of your life, physically and spiritually.

Perhaps you haven’t been feeling well, you’ve been getting headaches, your mood has been depressed, you’ve felt confused, out of place, or out of balance – and you have not been able to put your finger on a physical cause.

The reasons why we are led to energetic healing all differ, but most of us, share in common that we noticed areas of our physical life were off, and could potentially be helped by turning to the energetic world of healing.


Things were off in your physical or spiritual life, and no physical cause could be identified – and you turned to energy as the solution.

Why does energetic and spiritual healing seem to stir up pain and illness? It's a good sign and means it's working - learn more about the dreaded energy purge. 

Why did you do this, intuitively?

On a soul level, it’s likely you already knew there was a connection between the physical, energetic, and the spiritual. And there is, all 3 areas of our lives are completely interlinked and interconnected, while also being distinct parts of our being. I call them our Physical Body, our Energetic Body, and our Spiritual Body. When a change occurs in one, you see a change in the other, always, at some level.

When the system is open and connected to outside influences, like these are, there is absolutely no way for a change in one system to not affect a neighboring, connected system.

When a change occurs in the physical body, we see a change in energy in the energetic body, and a spiritual change (thought, emotion, feeling, perspective) in the Spiritual body.

When a change occurs in the energetic body, we see a physical change in the physical body, and a spiritual change (thought, emotion, feeling, perspective) in the Spiritual body.

And when a change occurs in the spiritual body, we see an energetic change in the energetic body, and a physical change in the physical body.

Why does energetic and spiritual healing seem to stir up pain and illness? It's a good sign and means it's working - learn more about the dreaded energy purge. 

Upon undergoing an energetic change in your energetic body, in this case, we are referring the healing in which low energy is removed and replaced with high energy, there is a change in the other two bodies – and often, there is a lag time between the changes.

This is the energy purge. You are purging old, low energy and replacing it with new, healed, high energy.

It happens first, in an energy healing, at the level of energy.

And then, it has to reverberate through the other two bodies – the physical and the spiritual.

An energy purge occurs on ALL levels when you undergo an energy healing, because all are connected and all levels are comprised of energy. There is often a lag with this, because it takes time for your physical and spiritual bodies to adjust to and begin to shift their old states of being to the the new tale that the energy is telling.

Your physical body and your spiritual body have to shift out old, low states, too. Because these are the states that once matched your old energetic state.

What does this look like, physically and spiritually?

Unfortunately, the experience of an energy purge is rarely a pleasant one, but it is a necessary one often integral to your complete healing. It is not a requirement to be fully healed, but it’s a very, very likely stage in the healing process.

Remember that in the process of healing your energy, you have moved out all energy that had previously been the root of pain, unhealed emotional trauma, hurt, anger, and heartache, among other things. You are only ever healing low, slow moving stagnant energy, which are the energy states connected to all that prompted you to feel unwell and seek out energy healing in the first place.

Spiritual Signs of a Purge

Spiritually, a purge can look like a release of emotion, old thought patterns, and the cutting of relationship ties. Crying is an emotional, energetic release, and is a common way to purge old hurts. Also is fighting, anger, and the stirrings up of discord in a relationship.

Physical Signs of a Purge

Physically, a purge can manifest as any release of illness and unwell from your body – anything that has made you feel sick or might make you feel sick. Commonly, this is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive sneezing, runny nose, phlegm, coughing, any bodily discharge, infection anywhere in the body, especially in exterior, non-core tissues (skin, breasts).

If you have recently undergone energetic healing of any kind in which the goal is removing old, stagnant energy, and you have experienced these issues in the days, weeks, and months after the healing action was instigated, know that this is not only normal, but a sign of healing.

There is something to be said for the length and intensity of these physical and spiritual manifestations of an energy purge, which is that generally, the longer the display of the purge and the more severe, or extreme, the manifestation, the deeper the magnitude of the healing that you have undergone. The more deeply ingrained these issues were in your being, and the depths to which you are now healing.

Recently cleansed your chakras, and you don’t feel great? This is likely why.

Have a session with an energetic healer and now you feel terrible? This is also why.

Nothing was done incorrectly or ineffectively, in fact, just the opposite – a purge a sign of a wildly successful healing session! The more you allow yourself to purge and release, more quickly you are often able to move through the healing process and finally achieve the state that prompted you to turn to energy in the very beginning.

With well wishes on your healing journey,

LAST UPDATED: January 1, 2015