Painting a New Picture: What to do When Releasing the Energy Doesn’t Help

As an intuitively aware individual, when you’ve had a bad day, you know there’s one major thing you need to do before you go to sleep.

Release the energy.

Ridding your energy of the hangings on, cords, ties, and tethers to the experiences, people, and events of your day is essential to energy management and maintaining your own well-being.

Whether your method of energetic release is through traditional meditation, or alternative techniques like bathing or showering, once it’s done, you should feel better, right?

That’s one of the whole points of doing it, to release all that no longer serves, so that your energy is all you. No more bad, self-deprecating and doubt filled thoughts, no worry, no concern about work. Once you’ve released the energy, it should be gone.

But, sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes releasing the energy doesn’t improve your mood or make you feel better.

What happens then? Did you do it wrong? Did you do a lazy job of it and not release it all? What happened?

Well, actually, none of those things. You did it correctly and you released all the energy, but sometimes, what happens, is that we need to paint a new picture of that which was released.

If you've tried everything from cutting cords to going on a walk to release the energy and it still doesn't work, then what? What can you do?

When you release the energy of a situation, an event, or an encounter with someone else, it’s kind of like wiping clean the canvas. Erasing the picture that was once there.

And when you’re done, you have blank, 100% you, canvas.

Which sometimes, is exactly what you want.

But other times it isn’t. And these are the times when releasing the energy doesn’t exactly make you feel better.

In particularly upsetting events, or situations involving someone with whom you are particularly close, when you release the energy and wipe clean the canvas, you still need to create a resolution for yourself.

Releasing the energy doesn’t release the event. The event still exists.

Imagine someone came up to your clean energetic canvas, and for seemingly no reason, splashed various colors of paint all over it, creating, by all accounts, a dirty, ruddy canvas.

They leave and you’re left with the aftermath.

Once you’ve cleaned up your energetic canvas to its original pure state, sometimes there’s still the question,

“Hey, wait, who was that guy and why was my canvas ruined?”

You didn’t forget that your canvas was splashed, and, in fact, you just spent 30 minutes of your life cleaning it up – how can you just erase the memory, without having some resolution as to what just happened?

You can if you try hard enough, but resolution and feeling better, often comes more quickly if you work towards a resolution instead of obsessing on the end result.

If you've tried everything from cutting cords to going on a walk to release the energy and it still doesn't work, then what? What can you do?

When your canvas was being splashed with paint, it left you with a mess to clean up and probably not the greatest opinion for the individual or situation that left you with that energetic mess. The energy is erased, sure, but the memory of what happened is not.

So now, in order for you and your canvas to walk away from the situation feeling better, physically and emotionally, it helps to tell a new story. A compassionate one.

To paint a new picture on your canvas that tells a different tale, one of lessons, of triumphs, and of things to be learned, all painted with a compassionate brush.

Once you have a newly painted canvas colored with a beautiful tale, the story, combined with the previous memory, has been replaced. You’ve created a new story and a new memory to re-tell the tale of the day.

Your Spirit has resolution now. You’ve identified lessons, strengths, points for growth.

With resolution and a newly painted canvas comes feeling better.

Sometimes, to heal the energy completely, you need not only to remove it, but to also replace it. And through this act, you’ve replaced destroyed canvas energy to masterpiece energy.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: December 7, 2014