Dreaming of Past Lives: Is it Possible?

Have you ever had a dream in which you were the main character, but you were a different person and the scenes were playing out in a time and place that you did not recognize?

Maybe it involved your family, your friends, or in some cases, you were a bystander with other characters in your current life, but everything just looked different?

Even more, the dream seemed so real and so a part of your life that you woke up wondering what happened.

What’s happening here, in many cases, is that you just awoke from a dream in which you viewed a past life of yours.

This isn’t our first rodeo on Earth.

Most people have lived tens if not hundreds of previous past lives. Your Spirit embodies a physical body right now and that Spirit is what transcends when we die. Traveling from physical life to physical life, your Spirit is able to grow, learn lessons, and experience a variety of different perspectives to make you the unique being that you are today.

We often experiences past lives with members of our current family and friend group. These individuals are known as members of our soul group, and together, we go through lives to teach each other different lessons and help each other reach certain soul goals during each life.

At some point after death, we are able to plan and choose our next life based on lessons we need to learn and areas of our souls we wish to grow. That’s where we are now, experiencing the life that our Spirit chose to live now.

And because we each have a Spirit right now, the same Spirit that has lived each past life, there is some level of Spiritual memory of these past lives. We aren’t aware of them always on a conscious level, but our Spirit retains those experiences.

Our past shapes who we are today. This includes our past in our current life, and our past in previous lives.

We can dream of these past lives. And from these dreams, we can glean details from our past lives that are shaping our current experiences.

Dreaming is one of the best ways to access information about a past life. Often, without specifically asking for it.

Dreaming is a time when we are most receptive to receiving new information and differing perspectives. This is a time when our deceased loved ones like to visit us, as well. This is a time when your conscious, thinking, arguing mind is at ease and we are willing and able to explore other possibilities.

Enter past lives.

When your dreams feel real, but are from a different time with different characters playing the people in your life . . . it could be a past life. These dreams happen for a reason. Find out how to tell if you had one and what you can learn from them.

When we dream about past lives, there’s a reason. This reason almost always has to do with something happening in your current life that relates to an event or series of events in a past life.

For example, if you’re facing a crossroads or a falling out with a friend or a relationship and you later have a dream in which you and the friend, as different people in a different time, experience an argument, falling out, or disagreement, this is a sign. This dream is meant to inform what is happening now.

In this life, we are meant to be learning lessons and growing our soul in ways that we did not or were not able to in a past life. When you experience a past life dream, most of the time, the dream shows you the way in which things happened in this past life and gives you an idea of how you might handle it differently in this life, what would be a more loving way, or how you can stand up for yourself in a way that you did not before.

Past life dreams can show you . . .

  • long standing patterns in your life that need to be broken

  • traumatic incidents in previous lives that are impacting your relationships in your current life

  • ways that you can be more loving or empathic to others for what they are going through now

  • examples in which you did not respect or stand up for yourself in the past and need to do so now

  • your relationship history and patterns with people in your life

  • validation for things you have been told or have always thought

. . . and more!

Past life dreams are a form of past life regression. Because dreams are short, they cannot show you every life in orderly succession, but you CAN be shown a previous life that is pertinent to your life now.

If you wake up from a dream that feels oddly familiar, consider that this is one of your past lives that was shown to you for a reason. Write down as much as you remember, and then reflect on how this impacts your life now and what can be learned from such information.

Chances are, there’s a lesson hidden in the dream just waiting to help you understand your life more deeply and help you find the solutions you need to a current problem.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: April 26, 2015