People are Dying of Anxiety-Related Drug Overdoses and It’s Not Even Anxiety

As I scrolled through the news feed today, this article from NBC News caught my eye,

“Anxiety Drug Overdoses Have Quadrupled Over Last Two Decades, Study Finds”

Prescriptions for highly addictive benzodiazepines used to treat anxiety have soared, and with this increase, drug overdoses from benzodiazepines have drastically increased.

“2013, nearly a third of the 23,000 people who died from prescription drug overdoses were taking them [benzodiazepines].”

Shocked, appalled, horrified. These are some of the feelings I experienced upon reading the article.

This could have been me.

On a visceral level, this article really hit me. Here’s why:

  1. I used to suffer from what I thought was anxiety, and

  2. As a now shaman, I know that what we think is anxiety isn’t anxiety

People are dying because they’re taking incredibly powerful drugs to treat illnesses that western medicine says they have.

People are dying, and they don’t even have real anxiety.

Now, let me be clear.

The symptoms of anxiety are very real. The experience of anxiety is extremely real.

I know. I’ve suffered it.

But, anxiety is not what we think it is.

Science doesn’t know what it is. They’re just throwing drugs at the problem to mask it and to cover it up. And yes, to provide a temporary solution to a medical mystery of a problem.

What we experience as anxiety, the symptoms, the heart racing, the unmanageable and debilitating sense of panic and doom, are caused by something that science hasn’t even considered.

Spiritually, we know the symptoms of anxiety are caused by two major things:

  1. Your ability to feel other people’s feelings.

  2. Your ability to feel spirits, ghosts, and dead people.

Anxiety, in spiritual terms, is caused by your heightened ability to feel energy. Energy in the form of emotions from other people and energy in the form of deceased individuals that we typically can’t see.

This ability is otherwise known as the psychic ability of clairsentience, or clear feeling.

In most cases, a diagnosis of anxiety happens when this ability gets out of control and we’re unable to or don’t know how to manage it.

Anxiety is a diagnosis given to and shared by many mediums and healers, before they knew of their abilities and figured out how to manage them.

As a society, we’ve become so disconnected from this possible reality – that a spiritual reality exists and that we can interact with it – that we’ve turned to diagnosing our healers and mediums with mental illness.

It’s escalated to the point that we’re accidentally killing the sufferers of this ‘anxiety’ with drugs, too.

This has to stop.

You can help.

The first step is education.

Start with these articles:

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Together, we can change this. 

LAST UPDATED: February 19, 2016