Meeting with a Shaman, Medium, or Psychic – How is Cost Determined?

Earlier this week, I spent the better part of the day, sicker than sick..

I had overwhelming nausea, coupled with dry heaving and exhaustion, and these symptoms would not relent.

Did I eat something wrong? Was I being psychically attacked? Was I coming down with a little kid virus that was being transferred to me?


I had a healing session that afternoon, and these were symptoms that my client was experiencing.

For over 6 hours before our session together, I was sick with a version of the symptoms she, too, was experiencing on a regular basis.

And there’s no way around it – this is a part of the job.

You see, as a healer working with both Spirit and Energy, in order to heal it, I have to feel it.

Ailments and issues that exist below the surface, lie below the surface. They generally cannot be seen with the physical eyes or felt with our physical hands.

And in order for me to heal, transform, and shift my client’s energetic and spiritual state into a state of wellbeing, I have to know what the energetic state was before the healing. I have to know the starting point for a frame of reference for where things need to go from here. I have to know where issues to lie, in order to find them and to heal them.

For me, and for many healers, the way this is done is through a facilitation of Spirit, in which my client’s Guides and my own, begin connect and align our energy well before the session begins, so that I can obtain a complete picture.

If this is done only minutes or seconds before the session begins and the energy healing begins, how do I receive a complete picture of the depth of the suffering?

I don’t. And if I did, I wouldn’t even have to time to take it all in or come up with a personalized plan of healing – together with Spirit.

This process of healer-reception occurs in nearly all intuitive healing sessions, as almost no one seeks a healer until their personal, physical, or emotional, noticeable life is affected in some way. I always feel and share in the discomfort and pain that my client feels – beginning hours, days, and weeks before the session.

And this pre-session discomfort is only a small piece, of what transpires before a formal healing session begins. In the days, weeks, and often months, leading up to a session, I am visited by my client’s Guides and Angels, on a regular and often persistent basis, where they continually to show me images of information they would like to cover, and give me verbal outlines of what needs to be discussed. Read more about this process, here.

This pre-session ritual and process is not unique to me. In fact, each healer, each shaman, and any person who acts as medium for Spirit and Energy, has their own process in which they prepare to work on behalf of their client’s greatest and highest good, before a session.

Many feel their client’s pain and discomfort, and if they are bringing through a deceased loved one, the pain and discomfort that their client’s loved one felt during their life. Many healers, mediums, and intuitives, are visited for days, weeks, and months by your Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones who are excited for the session and want to plan for it together.

Perceived Value: Why Does a Shamanic Healing Cost So Much? 

The Price of a Session

Because of this, the assignment of value, price, or cost, that each individual chooses to place on this service, is an entirely personal choice.

A personal choice that stems from many, many factors.

While we are healers, mediums, and intuitives with spiritual gifts of healing, we also live in the physical world.

We have to pay for shelter, food, electricity, phone, internet service and student loans. And if we have a website and an online store, we have web hosting fees and processing fees. So, while we may deeply wish we could not charge for services, we also deeply wish to have heat in the winter and a roof when it’s raining. Additionally, the cost of these living or business expenses widely varies depending on where you live.

But it’s so much deeper than physical world needs – the value set by each healer for their services, moves beyond physical needs and into the progression of a Soul’s journey.

Each healer, each shaman, each medium, comes to this Earth having lived tens or hundreds of lives before this one. The value that they choose to place on not only providing a 1-3 hour session in speaking with their client, but also the days and weeks of intrusion by the Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones of their client, and the hours of discomfort and illness that they potentially face, is dependent on their experiences in these past lives and their current life experience.

Everyone has an individual soul’s journey, and along that journey, as we transition through lives, we are learning lessons and overcoming Soul obstacles. In this life, we are all here to learn lessons not learned in the past, and overcome Soul obstacles not previously overcome.

For many healers, one of those obstacles, is placing a fair value on their services, in all or most of their past lives.

Most shamans, healers and mediums (if not all) have previously lived many lives in which they have worked and provided services – completely for free and without pay.

They have not charged for their own experience of a client’s illness, for their own time, or for their own services, and instead, have said that they cannot place a value on their skills. That this service they provide does not have value or worth to be placed on it. So therefore, in previous lives, they have not charged.

When a healer comes to this life, the naming of a value requested in exchange for their services is considered a past life triumph – where only now is this healer overcoming the feeling that they are not worth value, and they are now requesting that others value the worth of their time, experiences, gifts, knowledge and training in this lifetime.

Who are we to say that the value set by a healer, medium, or intuitive is wrong, too high or too little, when we do not know the depths of their soul’s collective experience and knowledge?

The value set by each individual healer is a personal one, a Soul decision based on their own life path, their experiences during the healing ritual and their physical world needs at this time.

When you ask someone to exchange value for gaining access to an essential part of your soul’s journey – it is never greedy or asking too much.

What is requested is exactly what it’s worth, and often times less so. as still today, most individuals tend to undervalue themselves – that includes healers.

If the “hourly” rate of a medium or healer is $300, and for that single hour of face-to-face time with the medium, also comes with weeks of consultation with a client’s Spirits, and often pain, physical discomfort and images that the client already experiences in order to assist them in healing it –

Then, who is anyone to say what that is worth besides the individual experiencing it themselves? The only person with intimate knowledge of their own Soul.

And that’s just the healer’s side of it.

Perceived Value: Why Does a Shamanic Healing Cost So Much? 

Divinely Aligned with the Client

It is often said, and widely believed, that a spiritual worker and a client are divinely matched.

That is, that each client is guided to the healer, shaman, or medium with which they are meant to work. The union of two individuals in working together along a spiritual journey, is one that is completely guided by Spirit – the Spirits of each individual, and also, Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones of all parties involved. In fact, many times, I receive emails from blog readers and clients stating they believe their Guides sent them to me – I believe this to be true in all cases.

When a client finds the intuitive practitioner with which they are guided to work, there is:

A match in energy

A match in perceived value of what should be paid vs. what is charged

A match in lessons to be learned in this lifetime

If you perceive a high value for the work you are to receive, is it not more likely for it to be more cherished, respected, and guarded? Is this not true, with any item we perceive as highly valuable?

As humans, and as individuals, items of high value are more cherished. But, the perception of what high value means, differs from individual to individual. For one person, $50 is high value, and for another, high value is not declared until the range of several hundred dollars is met.

And what’s important here, is a match in value.

When working within the vulnerable context of healing, it’s important that both parties feel as though there is value being given and value being provided. That the client feels as though they’ve exchanged something they highly value (generally, a monetary amount), for something that the healer highly values. Both parties must feel as though their values are matched, in order for the partnership to be a successful one.

If you, the client, find a healer, medium, or intuitive with which you desire to work, but feel they charge more than you are willing to pay, it is very likely that there is someone out there, who is more aligned to work with you at this time, in terms of value exchange for services.

The spectrum for how much is requested in exchange for services varies wildly, from 100% free always, to thousands of dollars. There is a healer ready to work with you in every price point.

The value for services set and chosen by each healer, medium, and intuitive is a personal one, rooted deeply in each Soul’s journey and history, and current physical world circumstance. In judging or questioning the value requested for services, implicitly, there is a questioning of where their Soul is on their journey and an individual’s self worth, and this a judgement for no one to make, but the Soul themselves.

A single session is so much more than a few hours on the phone or in the room with a client.

It’s days, weeks, and months of planning and often physical discomfort in the current life, and in most cases, lifetimes, leading up to the shared session together.

The cost of a healing session is a value assessment, made by the healer on their own worth. And it is possible that an individual’s own assessment of worth may not align with another person’s perception of that worth – and that’s okay.

But, it is never okay to declare an individual greedy or money hungry, just because they choose to give their self-worth a value. Or because they decide it’s important to have heat, a roof over their heads, or pay to run a storefront, in which they can help you out of.

Making this decision on value of self worth, and declaring it publicly, is a vulnerable one. And when an individual is vulnerable and open with us, even when we do not agree, the best thing to do, always, is to bow your head in respect of one soul, to another, on their soul’s journey, whatever that may be.

With love on your journey,

LAST UPDATED: November 17, 2014