Pinterest Community Board for Spiritual, Intuitive, and Healing Bloggers

Are you a shaman, medium, tarot reader, spiritual herbalist, energy healer, or anyone in between with a blog or a Pinterest presence?

Would you like to pin to a group board to increase your following, pin visibility, and blog traffic?

Now you can.

As an intuitive blogger, I realized that most Spirituality and Intuition related group boards on Pinterest were lacking and not a fit for bloggers or my genre.

That’s why I created my own.

The Spirituality, Intuition & Healing Group Board on Pinterest is designed for spiritual, intuitive, and healing based blogs, tips, and articles.

Mediums, Healers, Shamans, Reiki Practitioners, Psychics, Tarot Readers, Herbalists – and anyone and everyone in between is welcome to join. Individuals of any denomination are welcome, but to keep religiosity to a minimum, we request that overly religious posts be excluded from this board.

If you have a spiritual, intuitive, or alternative health based blog and would like to be added, follow the board and comment under any recent pin with a request.

Follow Sarah Petruno, Shamana’s board Spirituality, Intuition & Healing on Pinterest.

Hope to see you there!

Happy Pinning!