What Power Loss Is & Why It Matters {Post 1/5}

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Sarah Petruno

Defining Power Loss

Imagine that once, in a past life, you were a stagecoach driver.

You had two horses that you knew, who listened to you, and you could, for the most part, predict their mannerisms and behaviors.

Because of this, you had power and control over the stagecoach. You could direct its movement and decide where it was going.

Then imagine, that one day, either by forceful takeover, or by your own offering, an outside person came onto your stagecoach, pushed you out of the way as the driver, and took over the reigns of the horses. They gained the power to control your stagecoach.

As you might expect, due to the tizzy of the takeover, the anxiety in the air, and the lack of knowledge by the new driver, things quickly spin out of the control. Soon enough, your horses are running wild, off the course of travel, and your stagecoach is headed for disaster.

The horses are running straight for a lake, and unless you are able to command control and power back over your stagecoach in record speed, you’re going to head right into the lake and into calamity.


This is an example of power loss, where some manner of control of your life is given over to someone else’s hands.

Power loss, spiritually speaking, occurs any time that you relinquish the power and control that you have over your own life to someone else, whether by force or by your own allowance.

In the example, think of yourself as the stagecoach driver. The two horses are your body and spirit, the powerhouses of the journey, and the stagecoach is a representation of your life.

Driven by body and spirit, you had power over your life and the direction it was headed.

When you hand the reigns of your body and spirit over to another person, sometimes, they take your life to dangerous places and you don’t want to go – like into a mucky lake!

Let’s consider another common example of power loss:

When you share something personal, and another individual attempts to make you feel guilt or shame for what you have shared.

In this scenario, if the individual succeeds in making you feel guilty or shameful, without knowing it, they have taken your personal power in terms of your confidence and willingness to trust.

Imagine that this happens again, and again, and again, slowly, you will have lost so much of your power to trust and have confidence in yourself, that you will lack any and all self-confidence and interpersonal trust.

Shifting our focus again to an even more widespread example in the healing community, let’s consider power loss in the realm of health and wellness. Imagine a time when you’ve outsourced your own healing and you’ve given or had taken, the power of your own body and medical condition to a doctor or a practitioner. Think of a situation in which you have just completely handed over control, or had it taken from you, as it pertained to your body’s ability to operate healthfully.

Common examples of this include:

  • Handing power to someone else in your health care – when you’re at a loss and begin giving full power to a medical team

  • Labor and delivery – a woman can experience a loss of power in her natural ability to birth

This is not to say that western medicine and treatment of health conditions are not helpful, however, they may contain elements that can rob the individual of their own empowered role in their health and wellness.

When these events happen, an individual can experience a power loss.

You can lose power in any event or series of ongoing life events where:

someone else or some other entity is perceived as having more of an authority over your own life, behavior, emotions, and actions than you do

The shamanic concept of power loss explained, why it matters, and how you can start healing it - Part 1 of 5

Why Power Loss Matters

Think of it this way.

When you experience a loss of power, what you really experience is a loss of energy.

The more power losses you have experienced, the more energy you have lost.

When you think of your physical body, think of it as having a foundation of energetic particles.

These particles are called atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Together, they form molecules, and when stacked, molecules form things like organs, blood, bones, and tissue.

These energetic molecules also form the basis of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

If you experience a power loss, in which your emotional sense of power is taken from you, this is a loss of energy from your overall physical system, which is comprised of energetic particles.

More and more power lost, means more and more energy lost.

This means LESS energy that your body has to perform vital life functions. From there, with your body operating at suboptimal levels, you can experience illness on all ranges of the spectrum.

Power loss means energy loss, and energy loss often equates to the oncoming of an illness. Think of a depleted immune system. When it’s weak, you get sick. When your energy is weak, you often experience mal-ease, physical and emotional.

Power loss is a big deal and can cause physical illness and emotional distress.

All you have to do to heal it is to start to take your power back.

Over the course of the next 5 posts in the series, we’re going to walk you through the process of taking your power back.

For now, let it all sink in.

Think about what it means for you.

Consider times in your life where:

  • Someone may have taken your power
  • And times in your life where you may have given it away

If you’re a mother, take a look at your birthing experience(s). Many women express sadness at feeling a lack of control and power over their bodies during modern birth.

If you’ve ever been told, “you should be ashamed of yourself,” recall that experience, who said it, and why.

If you’ve ever been with a controlling romantic partner, someone who had more than their fair say on your life choices (or thought they should have more than their fair say), consider the decisions of your life that were influenced by them, and how that affected you.

Write down power losses that come to mind.

I encourage you to get a journal to explore your thoughts and write things down. Identifying, acknowledging, and getting energy OUT on paper is part of the healing process.

In the next power loss post, we’re going to start working on helping you get that power back.

See you then!


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