How to Protect Your Energy using Clothing and Jewelry

Protect your energy using designated clothing and jewelry - find out how! 

Sarah Petruno
Provided for review

As a healer, by nature, I'm someone who is sensitive to energy. 

Up until I became a healer, I struggled with years of anxiety and depression, and once that was healed, I still had to learn how to manage the energy from other people when in public. 

The truth is that other people's energy can have a major impact on your own emotional state, well-being, and overall mood. 

I'm no stranger to going into a public place happy and calm, and leaving it majorly irritable and snappy. 

This was my norm - I so easily absorbed and then manifested the energy of other people at all times. 

Then, I learned two major tricks. And now, I'm golden.

The first one, I'm sharing with you here, the other one, I'm going to be sharing in my Day to Day Shamanism teleseminar

I wear jewelry, particularly necklaces, and clothing that have the intended job of protecting my energy and blocking energy from reaching me.

I never leave the house without a protection necklace - that's how much of a difference it makes in my life. 

In order to make this work for you, all you have to do is choose a necklace with powerful gemstones intended to reflect, transmute, and diffuse any negative energy that comes your way. 

Gemstones necklaces that comprise stones for each of the seven chakras, like the one shown below, are a great choice. With a stone or stones for each chakra, you have a crystal on your body that is capable of transmuting and diffusing any energy that comes your way. 


I currently wear several different options for my protection necklaces.

My sister gifted me a geode slice with a citrine center that has become my go to, and I was provided this awesome rainbow flourite necklace from - they have endless options for gemstone necklaces and protection pendants. 

Many of you have seen me wear a hamsa in my YouTube videos. (You can find one like it here). The hamsa is a symbol of spiritual protection. Wearing one or keeping one near also brings good luck, good fortune, and good energy. 

AND GUYS, when I found an article of clothing that could be worn as an outer garment and was covered in hamsas - I was all over it. 

I've previously talked about the use of cardigans, sweaters, and jackets before as protective to your energy. (Find the post here). You choose a piece of clothing, designate it as your protective barrier, throw it on, and let it do its work. IT WORKS. 

(The lotus ring pictured above is totally unrelated to protection, but I am in LOVE with it as a dainty reminder of my strength. You can find it here. The yellow necklace is a citrine teardrop, for solar plexus healing and strengthening.) 

It's super easy to wear clothing and jewelry for spiritual protection. 

The most important thing, jewelry wise, is to make sure the jewelry is over your heart if you're an empath. Necklaces are key. 

For clothing, try to make it an outer layer and not something directly touching your body. 

So long as you get it and use it with the intention for it to protect your energy, and put it on your body with that same intention each time you wear it, the system works. 

I notice a difference when I forget. I really do. Give it a try and see how it works for you! 




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