Quantum Entanglement and the Scientific Basis for Energy Cords

Quantum entanglement, dubbed by Einstein as “spooky action at a distance,” is the documented phenomena in quantum physics that two particles, once linked in some way, either in close distance or otherwise, continue to be linked even when spatially separated by large distances – light years, even.

The premise, is that one particle, an electron, for example, seemingly of an immeasurable distance away from another particle, can instantly influence the actions and behaviors of that distant, far away particle – with no time delay.

The two particles and their actions are entangled. The action of one particle, seemingly has an effect on another, distant particle, simultaneously.

Once two particles become linked, they are seemingly forever entangled. In physics, there has not yet been identified a time of disentanglement.

There also is no clear scientific explanation as to how one particle, light years away, simultaneously impacts the actions of another particle.

Imagine that there were two electrons in close proximity to each other. Spinning in the same electron shell of a molecule, for example. And then, for whatever reason, an energetic event occurred (chemical reaction, magnetic repulsion, whatever), and the two previously side by side electronics, were blasted to opposite ends of the universe.

Then, let’s say that physicists or chemists tracked these two previously nearby electrons down, and started to study their behavior.

As the story goes, scientists begin to take a measurement on one of the electrons, and at the EXACT SAME MOMENT, the light years away electron, reacts in a complementary way.

Electron 1, for example, would be measured as changing it’s spin from clockwise to counterclockwise, then at the exact same millisecond that Electron 1 changed it’s behavior, so did distant Electron 2.

No one understands how or why this works.

Einstein has called it spooky action at a distance, and in physics, it’s called quantum entanglement.

Two particles, once connected in some way, seem to stay forever linked, no matter the distance, in actions and behaviors.

Sound familiar to what you’ve been reading on this blog?

It is.

Is Quantum Entanglement the Scientific Basis for Energy Cords?

Quantum entanglement is the scientific basis for an energetic cord.

An energetic cord is a link between between two groups of particles (humans, for example), and allows these two individuals, once connected in some way to remain connected, and impact the actions, behaviors, and feelings of the other.

As humans, we are made up of particles. Of elements, of compounds, of molecules, of protons, of electrons, of neutrons, of quarks – we are made up of millions and billions of tiny particles, as defined in physics and chemistry. We are matter, and matter is made up of elemental, atomic particles.

Each of these particles, has energetic properties – the ability to change, transform, move, shift, create heat, and in general, the ability to generate and transform, energetically. Furthermore, if you were to keep stripping down each particle you would find they are made completely of energy.

Our body parts are made up of these particles, but so are other elements of who we are.

And here, would be a good place to point out that these particles can be waves OR objects. Electrons, for one, have properties of both solid matter and a wave. A particle can act not as a particle as we know, but rather, act as a wave and hold the properties of a wave. 

So while other parts of ourselves, like our thoughts, emotions, and feelings may not be tangible in matter form – they can exist, energetically, in a wave form.

Small, subatomic particles can exist as tangible particles, but also as waves.

Which means, of course, that we are made of of energy that can take the form as the tangible particle, but also the intangible wave.

And this is where thoughts, emotions, and feelings come in as being made of subatomic particles – these pieces of who we are are perfect examples of the wave, intangible forms of energy.

An energetic cord is a link, between the energy that is generated from us, to another person, place, or thing that also has energy.

Our particle and wave pieces, can be sent out from us or separated from us, and exist somewhere else.

Think about it. When you have a thought or a feeling that involves someone else, are you not allowing the energy of these thoughts and feelings to be directed at and involve another person?

When you do that, and when someone does the same for you, this sends your energetic waves of thoughts and emotions to the other person, leaving a piece connected to you.

And there it is. Two pieces of energy that were previously nearby (within your energy field), that are now separated by a spatial distance (you to the other person), but yet are still able to communicate and have an effect on behavior, actions, and thoughts –


Because the thought-energy particles are still linked through the energetic wave-form that linked them when they were close by.

Only now, these those particles that were once interacting only with you and your energy,  have different surroundings, and different, other energy to interact with.

So what happens is, the end of the energy tether that is still within you, is still surrounded mostly by “you energy,” but the other end of the energy tether, is now located elsewhere, outside of you. Either with another person, a situation at work, or a future or past event. Wherever it is, it’s no longer solely surrounded by “you energy.” It’s surrounded by “other energy”. And that “other energy” can impact the actions, behaviors, and movements of that tiny thought particle that is still connected with you.

This is how energy is manipulated and sent through cords. The cord is still attached to you, but one of the ends of the energetic cord is surrounded by all kinds of other energetic inputs and factors, moving, spinning, shifting, and transforming all around it.

Quantum Entanglement and the Scientific Basis for Energy Cords

That thought particle that was sent out to another person, is now being surrounded and changed by the energetic features of the other person – and because, remember, the two particles, the two ends of the cord that started this whole thing, are still entangled and communicating, what happens?

You feel those actions.

Electron 2 in the other person, communicates with Electron 1 that is within you, through the cord. And because Electron 2 is now influenced by everything not-you – you can now receive inputs from thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions arising from the energy of the other person.

Electron 1 and 2, initially close in proximity within your energy field, were separated and flung apart. On the basis of the quantum entanglement principle, they are still connected and can interact with each other simultaneously.

Physicists were able to identify this phenomena. However, traditional science still doesn’t fully understand the what, why and how of the situation

Intuitive science understands the what and why. It is an energetic cord. We understand this link; one that is as yet not able to be scientifically measured and observed. The how is still out there to be discovered. But, as intuitives, we don’t always work to uncover the how. It’s not always important, outside of the realm of science, to understand how it all works, but rather, to just know that it does. These could be forever secrets and mysteries of the universe, that are not ours to uncover until another life or another existence.

Quantum entanglement sits as a scientific basis for the existence of energetic cords.

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LAST UPDATED: November 14, 2014