Root Chakra Healing Session $49 – Available Only Until October 15th 2015

Root Chakra Healing Session

no longer available. 

You can heal your own root chakra with this root chakra healing meditationready to heal the root chakra? try this root chakra healing meditation!

The root chakra is our first and only connection to grounding, healing, source energy below.

It is the most commonly blocked chakra in our entire energetic body.

Blockages are most frequently caused by: 

  • worry

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • financial woes and concerns

  • job and career path instability or questioning

  • a change in the seasons

  • a change in life directions

  • and so much more!

Even worse, when you have a blocked root chakra, you can experience MORE of all of the above – more worry, more anxiety, more stress, more financial woes, more feelings of instability.

There are physical symptoms of a root chakra blockages too. Digestive issues, upset stomach, leg cramps, pulled muscles, feeling out of it or disconnected, feeling spacey, and increased anxiety to name a few. Find a more comprehensive list here. 

A root chakra blockage makes it impossible to ground and it creates a vicious cycle of the blockage creating symptoms and the symptoms creating a blockage.

The fall is the optimal time for healing the root chakra. With the harvest, energy from the Earth rises to the surface and intensifies for amplified healing. 

That’s why, for one week only, until October 15, 2015 at 3 pm EST, I’m offering a Root Chakra Distance Healing Session ~ for just $49.

In your Root Chakra Healing session, you will receive:

  • A centering, grounding and anchoring of your Energetic and Spiritual body to Mother Earth
  • A removal of any blockage or stagnation impacting the root chakra
  • An opening, cleansing, and clearing of the root chakra
  • A clearer pathway through which you can access grounding, divine Earth Energy and connect to the Earth
  • A golden wash of Divine Healing Energy throughout your root chakra
  • A final wash of healing, shielding, and protective energy over your entire energetic body – your aura

When you sign up for your Root Chakra healing session, your expertly guided energy healing session will be completed and delivered to you on or before October 16, 2015. 

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Limited time only Root Chakra Healing Session - $49 - Available ONLY until October 15th, 2015. 


Note: You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. When you reach the checkout page, and do not wish to use PayPal, simply click the arrow below the PayPal account window that says “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit.” Here, you can enter your secure information and checkout without using PayPal. 

This session is a distance session with Sarah Petruno.

Sarah will connect with your energy and Spiritual Team at a distance. You will receive a recap of the healing you received and in a downloadable PDF file at the completion of your session via email. The beauty of this session is that you do not have to be physically present to receive healing and guidance from your Spiritual Team. Each session is completed at a distance (via email) with no appointment necessary.

Your session will be completed on or before October 16, 2015. 

If you received a payment confirmation via email, your session is confirmed – don’t worry! As sessions are completed at a distance, you will not receive a separate scheduling or confirmation email – but rest assured, your session is being worked on and will be completed as soon as possible. Your payment receipt is confirmation your distance session will be delivered to you. As soon as Sarah completes your session, you will receive your PDF file via email, sent to the email address attached the payment. For questions, contact

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