Self-Care Sunday: White Baths for Relaxation and Energy Cleansing

Learn how to take a White Bath using epsom salt, coconut milk, and efun to clear your energy, raise your vibration, and relax! 

Sarah Petruno

My pregnancy with my second child was a rough one. I was sick from beginning to end, and about halfway through the pregnancy, I started having contractions on a regular basis.

Stronger than your run of the mill Braxton Hicks contractions, and strong enough that they were slightly scary. 

At the time, I was seeing a midwife. A wonderful woman who also practices as a Priestess in the African religion of Ifa.  (If you're in the Modesto, CA area - she's your girl!).

At one of our appointments, she suggested I try what she called a "White Bath," to help with easing the contractions when they did come.

A White Bath is an energy cleansing bath using all things White in color - to embody the cleansing, purifying, and stress relieving properties of white, divine, healing energy.

If you love baths or energy cleansing, you'll love this bath! I've tried it out and it's incredibly relaxing. Rather than keeping this secret to myself, I'd love to share with you for you to try, too:

White Energy Bath Recipe

While the tub is filling, add:


  • White flowers - locally foraged or garden grown preferred, but dried flowers will work
  • White stones - white river rocks, milky quartz, stones from outside that are whitish in color (anything white works!)
  • Anything else natural & white in color

Swirl the water together with your hands to mix, and climb in! 

I personally highly recommend taking the extra step and ordering the efun. As it was explained to me, this is a limestone that forms at the bottom of certain rivers in Africa. It is used as a spiritual offering, for protection, and for detoxifying, among other things. It was explained to me that the closest available substitute in the US is bentonite clay, but that's stretch and that you really, really want to use the efun for highest benefit. 

If you want to try the bath tonight, use all the ingredients you have on hand and order the efun for next time! 




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