Self-Care Sunday: Favorite Face Masks {August 2016}

Sarah Petruno

If you follow me on snapchat (sarahpetruno), then you already know, I’m a BIG FAN of face masks. I do a mask 2-3 times a week.

But even more than masks, one of the reasons that I do it is for self-care.

Once I became a mother, I started noticing the sacredness of alone time.

And not just that, the sacredness of alone time AND doing something for yourself.

The times I went longer and longer between self-care rituals, acts of alone time, or without doing something JUST FOR ME – the more unlike myself I would become. 

Without self-care, I’d get more irritable, more anxious, angrier, snappier, more easily frustrated and willing to give up when I was being tested. 

Self-care is where I reset. It’s when I’m self-car-ing that I get my creative inspiration, ideas for projects, and solutions to problems. Insights galore come during self-care time!

And I’ve heard what you guys are saying too – that getting enough self-care is a problem and you’re feeling the effects of a lack of self-love time (see above).

So, we’re going to start changing that!

Self-care doesn’t have to be an hour long ritual a few times a week, though it can be. Sometimes it’s just 5-10 minutes.

Through the blog, I’m going to be sharing with you the ways that I do self-care. I’ll be sharing the products and things I use/do, and hopefully, along the way, you’ll find something new you haven’t tried before and self-care will more and more become a staple in your life.

For the first post in Self Care Sunday, face masks!

Though my skin may look smooth and nice on film, beneath the makeup and filters, I actually have fair, sensitive, acne-prone skin. YUP.

And face masks have been changing my life. These are my current favorites. (All items purchased with my own money.)

Self-Care Sunday: Favorite Face Masks {August 2016}

Self Care Sunday: Favorite Face Masks {August 2016} - Timeless Skin Organics Acne & Blemish Healing Mask

1. Timeless Skin Organics Acne & Blemish Healing Mask

I found this mask through Instagram. It’s an activated charcoal, bentonite clay, aloe, and peppermint leaf mask that comes in powder form, and you mix it yourself with water or apple cider vinegar to make a paste, activating the purifying ingredients. I use a mask mixing set (that I keep in my bathroom) and apply this mask about once per week when I’m feeling my pores are a little clogged and congested. I’ve tried pre-made charcoal masks in the past, and for me, those barely work to pull out the gunk in comparison to this one.


Self Care Sunday: Favorite Face Masks {August 2016} - Origins Out of Trouble Mask

2. Origins Out of Trouble Mask

This one has zinc and sulfur, and I’ve found that my skin responds really positively to sulfur treatments. It doesn’t smell bad, however, thanks to the camphor. I like to use this one when my skin is acting up with redness, acne, and inflammation. The tube it comes in is HUGE and using it once per week to every other week, it’s lasted a few months so far and it’s about half empty.


Self Care Sunday: Favorite Face Masks {August 2016} - The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks

3. The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks

I confess, I love sheet masks. They’re SO CREEPY, but I don’t care. I love them. I’ve tried many kinds, and while the Sephora ones are nice, I discovered a brand thanks to the nail salon around the corner. They were handing out free sheet masks with your pedicure, and I was recommended the White Tea Mask by this brand. I went home, tried it, and loved it so much that I bought the whole set. In the set that I have, you get 10 masks for around $15, and they include treatments like calendula, green tea, lotus, and peony. I have no rhyme or reason to when I use these. Whenever I feel like, that’s when.

Okay – those are the face masks I am using and LOVING right now as part of my self-care commitment to myself.

I have two kids. A husband. Two dogs and a cat. A blog. A YouTube Channel. A subscription program. A business to run and a house to be present in. If I can find the time, you can too.

See you next time! 



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