Shaman Shaming: Spiritual Healers Being not so Spiritual

Among the community of shamanic healers and practitioners, there’s widespread, less than compassionate practice.

It doesn’t have a name, so I’m giving it one.

Shaman Shaming.

Shaman shaming is when one shaman casts judgment, criticizes, or otherwise says a disparaging or disrespectful remark about the practice, path, and actions of another shaman, either to their face or behind their back.

Shaman shaming is when one shaman directs low energy, pain-filled words or thoughts at another shaman.

Colleagues shaming other colleagues is not exclusive to shamanism. However, it is rather prevalent in the shamanic community.

Shamans are shamed for many reasons:

  • Being white or black
  • Using hallucinogenic plants
  • Being of European or African descent, not South American descent
  • Not being trained directly by a school or a famous (living) shaman
  • Never having been to South America
  • Being ‘inauthentic’
  • Age
  • Appearance
  • Gender
  • and more

with words like,

“How dare you call yourself a shaman?”

“What right do you have calling yourself that, having never been to a school?”

“You should not say you’re good at what you do. . . you look arrogant and conceited!”

You get the picture.

This practice is widespread throughout the community.

Our job as shamans is to lift others up out of darkness, pain, and hurt – and bring them to a place of lightness, peace, and healing.

Why is it then, that instead of directing this same goal and compassion towards each other, we as a community, bring each other down?

Why are we pulling others in the community down, instead of lifting them up?

Shaman Shaming - the dark understand that exists within the shamanism community. It needs to stop. 

What we do for our clients, we need to project out into the world – across all individuals.

We are setting examples every single day as lightworkers and healers.

How can we instruct our clients, and ourselves, to respect the paths of others, to not cast judgment for we do not know the truth, and to extend only compassion, when we do not follow those same tenets?

How can we work towards bringing others out of darkness, when in our spare time we cast darkness in the form of judgment and criticism onto members of our community?

How can we heal darkness when we continue to project it onto others in the form of this shaming?

So much of our work resides in darkness and low energy.

Healing others from it and bringing others through it and above it.

We must maintain awareness to not live there – to not reside in the darkness that we heal. Bringing out the light in each person is what we do best, and so, we must also strive to bring out the light in ourselves.

We teach and help others to rise above darkness, and so we must also rise above.

Shaman shaming is not shining a light.

Technically, it’s an energetic attack.

This is a habit that needs to stop.

As a collective community of healers, we need to shine a light and show, to the best of our ability, exactly what we teach.

When we reach out to another shaman, in word or in thought, and extend a harsh word, a judgment, or a criticism, by not respecting or honoring the path of those in our community, this is in clear contrast of what we are working to achieve.

We can’t heal darkness with darkness. As a community, we cannot bring shamanism to the people collectively if we are already separating ourselves.

We are each unique. We each have our own distinct path and our own community that we serve. We are each here for a reason.

It’s time we start practicing what we preach.

Respect and honor the path of your fellow practitioner – even if you don’t understand it.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

LAST UPDATED: September 2, 2015