Shamanic Journeying 101 – A Beginner’s Guide with Meditations

shamanic journeying 101 course intensive

a shamanic journeying ebook + 3 shamanic journey meditations

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The Shamanic Journeying 101 Course Intensive is designed to get to from 0 to shamanic journeying in no time. The entire course bundle, including your focused Shamanic Journeying eBook and 3 Shamanic Journey Meditations, is available to you as soon as today.

In Shamanic Journeying 101, you will:

  • learn the framework and basis of the shamanic journey
  • gain clarity on what a shamanic journey is and how to take one
  • identify the core concepts of the shamanic spiritual worldview
  • learn how to attain a journey mindset
  • get guidance on how to set up a journey space
  • learn how to journey to the major locations in the shamanic world
  • receive three guided, downloadable shamanic journey meditations
  • get step by step instructions on how to use the journey meditations for optimal results 
  • . . . and more 

your shamanic journeying 101 ebook includes everything you need to know to get started with shamanic journeying, and your 3 journey meditations give you the tools and guidance you need to actually go on a shamanic journey again and again – all without the use of drums or drumming as a journeying technique.

get the tools and instruction you need to develop your shamanic journey practice. 

When you purchase the Shamanic Journeying 101 Course Intensive, you receive: 

  • Your Shamanic Journeying 101 eBook (.PDF file, 15 pages)
  • Your Journey to the Lower World Meditation (.MP3 file, 25 minutes, with background music and no drumming)
  • Your Journey to the Upper World Meditation (.MP3 file, 30 minutes, with background music and no drumming)
  • Your Self-Guided Journey Meditation (.MP3 file, 30 minutes, with background music and no drumming)

if you’ve ever wanted to learn shamanic journeying quickly and effectively, this course intensive will get you there. 

Shamanic Journeying 101 - a crash course in shamanic journeying, including a concise, jam packed eBook explaining core concepts and introducing you to the basics of shamanic journeying, and 3 guided shamanic journeys to jump start your journeying practice. 

shamanic journeying 101 course bundle


When you sign up, your Shamanic Journeying 101 Course Intensive bundle arrives to your email address immediately. You will receive links to download your files (1 .PDF file, 3 .MP3 files) in a welcome email delivered instantly to your inbox.  If you’re trying to download from mobile or experience problems with your downloads, check out the FAQs for tips.

the shamanic journeying 101 course intensive is a mini-course bundle {ebook + 3 journey meditations} that is sent to you in its entirety when you sign up.

no experience required.

{recommended precursor: the Shamanic Basics eBook or a very loose framework in spiritual or shamanic concepts}

***This course intensive DOES NOT teach the use of drums or prepare you to journey via drumming.  The journey meditations do have background music, but no drums or drumming are on the tracks and the eBook does not discuss their use either. Sarah does not use drums in her journeying and does not teach this method of journeying.***

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