Soul Growth Experiences: How Can You Be Sure You Learned the Lesson?

The life that we’re currently living on Earth is one of many.

Many, many lives that our soul lives as an incarnated individual in order to grow, learn, and develop as a soul. (Read more about this here).

When we start out our existence as a tiny, little, baby soul – we start from the beginning.

“The beginning” has been explained and visualized a myriad of ways throughout human history.

Spiritually, some structure this framework in a way that places all souls along a spectrum from fear to love, from dark to light, from unascended to highly ascended.

In a more physical world sense, this concept has also been portrayed in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Within this framework, an individual starts out needing to address and fulfill base level, survival needs before they can grow and even begin to fulfill higher needs like self-love and enlightenment.

Regardless of how you see it, the point is that we grow as individuals throughout our life, and throughout our lives.

Each moment of growth, each stepping stone, and each turning point in our lives is called a Soul Growth Experience.

While, in a way, all experiences can be growing experiences, there are especially poignant or difficult experiences that dot and mark our paths.

Fights, breakups, legal battles, deaths, traumatic experiences, moments of realization, ending relationships, and births are a few of these.

Any moment or period of your life that you consider to be especially challenging, trying, or reflective is almost certainly a Soul Growth Experience for you.

A Soul Growth Experience is an experience that was designed and placed into your life for the expressed purpose for you to learn a soul lesson, for your soul to grow, develop, and advance on your path. You are meant to learn from this experience.

But, how can you make sure that you learn the lesson you were supposed to learn? How can you see the silver lining clearly enough to ensure that you did whatever it was you needed to do in order to properly grow?

How can you be sure that you learn the lessons your soul is meant to learn? Find out by asking yourself these questions. 

How can you make sure your soul actually does some growing with the experience?

Well, first things first. There’s no messing it up. If you don’t overcome this soul lesson in this life, you get another chance. Don’t worry.

But, there are ways that you can best position yourself to overcome the soul lesson and move up a level in soul advancement in this life, in real time.

1. Ask yourself what can be learned

When you can gather your thoughts and get a breather from the situation you find yourself in, take a moment to ask yourself what lesson can be learned from the experience. Not a lesson for the other persons or person, but what can you learn? Here are some examples of questions that can guide you:

How will this situation positively inform your decisions in the future?

What do you know now that you didn’t know before?

What truths have come to light that you’re glad you know?

What strengths have you identified in yourself during this time?

Which of your virtues and qualities really shined during this time?

What realizations have you made that would not have been made without this experience?

. . . and any other question you wish you ask yourself to unearth the deeper meaning in the experience.

2. Ask yourself what “old you” would have done

This is important. You’re meant to be growing as a soul, and the idea is that past, old you would have perhaps responded in a different way. This could mean you in an old life, or even you from 2 years ago. Ask yourself how old you would have responded and compare it with how today-you responded? Did new you respond with more patience, more understanding, more compassion, or with a more even keel? Or, did new you respond with anxiety, worry, and fear when old you would have acted more compassionately?

Assess the difference and determine if the direction is one you want to be going. Did your soul grow or regress? This is a time to congratulate yourself, or to take stock of your direction and re-direct yourself accordingly.

3. Ask a friend for some perspective

Get an outside perspective from a friend or family member. Genuinely ask them to point out the lessons that they see and the silver lining in the situation. When we’re so deep in an emotional situation, it can be hard to put our head above water and see the situation clearly from the outside. Ask a trusted friend for their outsider view – you may gain some insight.

4. Consider how the most healing can occur

In deciding how to move forward and through a challenging situation, it’s important to consider your own health and healing. In other words, what outcome would provide you and most parties with a resolution? How can the karma between the parties involved be resolved so that the most amount of people feel at peace? When you move through lives, there exists traumatic and painful experiences in each life. Sometimes, the people involved don’t always heal from these experiences in the life in which they occur. Thus, healing must occur in subsequent lives.

When something challenging happens, consider that this is an opportunity for soul healing to occur in this life and from a past life. If you want to ensure a “lesson” is learned, it can be important to consider if that lesson is for healing to occur – and how that can occur within the context of the current challenge you face. Consider your own soul healing first and what you need to heal, and then expand your considerations to compassionately consider the other parties.

5. Look into past life regression

What happens in this life doesn’t always stay in this life. The experiences we face today may be tied to patterns, experiences, and unresolved situations involving the same cast of players in a past life. (Yep, your past life friends join you in this life to continue learning together). If you’ve tried the above techniques and feel stuck, it may be time to seriously venture into understanding your past lives and particularly, how specific situations in them influence what is happening to you now.

There are many ways you can do this. You can learn and practice self past life regression through meditation or dream work, you can visit a past life regression therapist to guide you through the process, or you can you use guided, written material to help you. (This is my favorite book on the topic). I use past life regression frequently in my own life and it often comes up in private sessions with clients; it’s an incredibly useful tool when it comes to learning soul lessons and healing from them.

There’s no way to mess it up. You can’t make a mistake. But, if you want to experience the maximum amount of soul growth and overcome the most soul lessons in this life, these tools of reflection can help you get there.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: August 14, 2015

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