Soul Retrieval and Integration e-Workshop – September 2015

Soul Retrieval and Integration Workshop

a 10-day interactive distance and online workshop for healing trauma, loss, and challenges from your current life history

This Course Is Now The How To: Soul Retrieval Seminar And The Self Soul Retrieval Healing Journey Meditation

The Soul Retrieval and Integration Workshop is a 10-day online, distance based interactive workshop where you are taken through the process of your own Soul Retrieval using intentional exercises, guided meditations and Sarah’s assistance with integration, to bring the lost parts of your soul back to you.

Throughout the program, you will:

  • Learn about soul fragment loss and soul retrieval, and why it matters for you

  • Learn the steps to perform a soul retrieval & integration on yourself

  • Meet a Spirit Guide stepping forward to assist you throughout the learning and healing process

  • Learn how to retrieve as many as 3 to 4 soul fragments

  • Receive daily emails with workshop lessons and instructions

  • Receive at least 3 recorded guided meditations to help you journey through the process, which are yours to keep once the course is over

  • Receive an individualized healing from Sarah, in which she re-integrates and returns the lost fragments back to you

  • Receive a healing report complete with instructions for healing follow up and continued integration to achieve maximum results

  • . . . and more!

In this course, Sarah performs a Soul Fragment Integration healing on each participant to reintegrate these fragments back into your soulful and energetic being. You will leave the workshop having completed a soul retrieval and integration healing with instructions on follow up care and what to do in the days and weeks ahead to maximize the results of the workshop.

Most Soul Retrieval and Integration Workshops require you to have taken several pre-requisites and are hosted in person, requiring travel and accommodations, and cost $250-$300 for 6 hours of training.

This course teaches the same techniques, requires no pre-requisites, and allows you to stay at home for the duration of the course – for only a fraction of the price! 

When you enroll, you reserve your spot in the workshop. This course occurs in an eCourse format, in which materials and workshop instruction are emailed to you each day for the 10-day duration of the course – for you to complete and follow along on your own time each day.


Course timeline

Overview and Introduction
Day 1 – September 14th

Days 2-9:  September 15th – 22nd

Final Day of Course
Day 10: September 23rd

Individual Integration Sessions – completed by Sarah within 72 hours of Day 10
Day 10 – 12: September 23rd – September 25th

Daily Time Commitment:

Active participation is a must, meaning, this course does require you to stay on track throughout the 10 day duration. This not only facilitates your own healing process, but it also allows Sarah to perform your included healing integration within 72 hours of the final day of course. Daily activities are estimated to take no more than 1 hour each day within the 10 day course, with the average daily time commitment estimated at 30 minutes per day.


$159 for the entire day 10 course, including individual Integration Session. Guided meditations are yours to keep.

Enrollment: closed/full. This Course Is Now The How To: Soul Retrieval Seminar And The Self Soul Retrieval Healing Journey Meditation