Sound Healing: How it Works

It was an early spring evening in Wisconsin, when I took off my shoes, entered a yoga studio, and made myself comfortable with about 30 complete strangers.

We gathered that evening to individually experience a sound healing.

Sound healers from a community in Bali had come to Madison, WI, among other cities, to perform chakra based sound healings for groups of people large and small.

They used crystal bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoos, rattles, and various other instruments that evening.

The hour long session was divided with time allotted to focus on each major chakra, each major energetic center of the body.

Different sounds, frequencies, and instruments were used in each segment corresponding to each chakra.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I went in.

But, by the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, I was spontaneously crying while the music played.

I knew then and there, that it was working.

That evening, we were all healed with sound. Each and every chakra in need of healing, was brought to a place of cleansed, fully functioning health, solely with sound.

A form of energy healing, sound healing tends to be poorly understood outside of small circles of sound healers. Learn why it works once and for all.

How Does it Work?

Sound itself it made of energy. It travels through air, water, and solids as an energetic wave, made up of a wavelength and a frequency. It has a vibration.

If you’ve ever turned up the music really loud, or even the bass, and you’ve felt the vibration it created, then you already know this to be true.

You can feel the energy of sound.

And sounds differ. Not all sounds carry the same wavelength and frequency. There are different tones, pitches, harmonies, rhythms, and volumes.

With each, the energetic wave form changes.

Sound can be healing.

On a conscious level, think of the last time that you listened to a song over and over because it made you feel better. Because you felt it was written just for you. Because listening was cathartic. That was a time sound healed you and you were aware of it.

In fact, many people consider sound and song to be important elements to their own self healing process and ritual.

On a deeper level, it’s important to consider and be aware of the fact that we are individuals also made of energy. Our physical parts, our bones, organs, and tissue are all made of molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons.

When you put it all together, you get a complete, functioning physical body – made of energetic particles.

But, we’re also comprised of thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences, and perspectives, that are housed within us and also made of and existing with energy. This part of ourselves is often called the spiritual body, or the Spirit.

Our energetic body is composed of all of it. All the energetic particles condensed and packed together to form who we are as unique beings, and there are areas where the energy is more concentrated than others.

These areas are called chakras, or energetic centers.

There are thousands of these pockets of concentrated energy, but there are 7 major areas of concentration.

These are the 7 major chakras. Positioned along our spinal column, each chakra, or energy center, corresponds to different physical, emotional, and spiritual functions. Basically, each is an energetic “house” for specific emotional and life functions – like digestion, love, communication, respiration, and even reproduction.

Each center of energy is divvied up and grouped together with related functions, with energy frequencies and wavelengths that are similar.

And you guessed it, each chakra, or energy center, has it’s own ideal, unique energetic vibration when functioning optimally. This vibration is also relatively standardized across individuals.

When sound is matched to the optimal vibration of a chakra, for example, and it persists for long enough, something amazing happens.

Our energetic body responds to match this vibration. Specifically, the chakra or energy center of closest match has a knowledge that this is the status quo, and it moves to match the vibration.

Let’s say one of your chakras is in a state of non-functioning, your heart chakra, for example. It’s long since closed off due to the passing of a loved one and subsequent grieving many years ago, and since then, you’ve started to experience asthma, shoulder pain, and frequent respiratory illness. These are signs that the heart chakra is poorly functioning, is not matching the optimal operating vibration, and is likely running at a much lower and slower speed and frequency.

When a sound is played that matches the optimal vibration of the heart chakra, it’s as though that chakra recognizes it and awakens. As the sound plays on, the energy in that area of the body quickly begins to shed anything and everything standing in it’s way of making that energetic match.

Lower, slower, and clogged energy can be released very quickly with the impetus and jump start of an outside energetic match in sound.

The reason this happens has to do with discord.

A mismatch in energy is an unhappy thing, and creates an aversive stimulus – like nails on the chalkboard. Biologically and spiritually, our body’s goal is to work in harmony with that which is around us and within us. When a discord, a mismatch exists, our body and spirit will do whatever it needs to do to put an end to it as fast as possible to restore harmony.

So, when sound energy begins to resonate through the air and meets with our own energy body – if there is a mismatch, we recognize and begin immediately to remedy it.

This is the nature and purpose of sound healing.

Sound is created to match the optimally functioning energy of a certain area of our energetic body, which corresponds to physical and emotional functions.

As the sound persists, the longer it persists, our body begins to match the sound, eventually doing so.

Sound can heal chakras, release pain, and remove hurt on all levels. In many cases, the effects can be rapid and immediately noticeable.

Sound healers create the optimal sound that our body needs for health, and even without knowing it, our body meets it automatically and heals in the process.

Sound healing is energy healing.

And it works.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: April 7, 2015