Understanding Why Space Clearing is Important

Guest Post by Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

When it comes to house cleaning, we’ve all taken the time to dust, take out the trash and realign our physical space when guests have been visiting. We’ve cleaned up after others, cleaned up after ourselves and even gone above and beyond the daily and post-guest cleaning and spring cleaned our entire place.

We’re all familiar with what it means to clean, make anew and refresh our physical space.

But when physical beings are in a physical space, our earthly surroundings aren’t the only things that can become misaligned. Humans, animals, plants, electronics, crystals and neighbors can all affect the energy, emotion and feelings of cleanliness of a space.

We’ve all decided to get some fresh air after a difficult argument. We’ve all decided to go for a run, take a bath or otherwise, ‘clear the air’, after a mix of emotions, thoughts and feelings were shared between two individuals. So, naturally, we have all made the effort to clear the spiritual space of our lives before reading this article today.

As a spiritual body inside a physical space, sometimes, the inner worlds of our own thoughts, emotions, feelings and energy, can seep out, intermingle and mix with our outer surroundings. If you are an energy, intuitive or sensitive Lightworker, you know this truth already, all too well. But, you don’t have to declare yourself a psychic to know when someone is upset, a heavy feeling enters a space, or when things feel dusky and stagnant. We have all been somewhere where the air felt heavy, dense or just not good.

These indicators are signs that the spiritual trash needs to be taken out. And trash being, anything that is no longer being utilized, managed or optimized for the greatest and highest expression of all beings in the space. In the physical world, depending on the size of your garbage can and how many people you are hosting or entertaining in the space, you might take out the trash once a day (for a business), a few times a week (for a small family), or once a week (for just yourself). On top of that, you may find yourself feeling the need to have monthly or quarterly larger cleanings, where you remove the no longer needed stuff from closets, entryways and garages.

In the spiritual, energetic and emotional realm, the same needs to be completed to assure clarity, cleanliness and that everything within your space represents all that you need, all that you desire and all that is serving you and the beings in that space in the highest good for the present and future moments.

Since you are already familiar with the sanitation reasons for cleaning your space of left over physical world waste, which could, if left behind to accumulate, create illness, let’s discuss why it’s important to clear your space of left over spiritual world waste.

As human beings, we are continually taking in stimuli, energy, emotions, thoughts and sensations from our nearby environment. Some of these things are material or tangible goods, like products and foods, but some of these things are less tangible than something you can hold. Rather, they are something you can feel.

In our physical body, rests and lies our Spiritual body. The part of ourselves that makes us – us. The part of us that emotes, thinks, rationalizes, feels, wants, desires, hopes and dreams.

And sometimes, as a Spiritual being, we keep these things inside and to ourselves, not discussing or sharing them with others. But most of the time, this isn’t the case.

We share, we emote, we express, even if we try to hide it – we wear our hearts on our sleeves for all to see.

And believe it or not, this, emoting, feeling, sensing thinking part of ourselves that we express and push outside into the environment around, is beneficial.

It is is beneficial to release,to share, to express and to communicate. Being who you are and sharing that with others is a beautiful thing.

But as you already know, beautiful vulnerability and rawness is a fleeting thing. In one moment, it’s an angry, passion filled argument and in the next minute, it’s over and it’s time to move on.

Not so fast.

Understanding why space clearing matters - find out why it needs to happen and when to do it

Even if you are in the physical world and in your physical body, ready to move on – by changing the topic, changing your clothes, turning on the television, making dinner instead, or changing anything else in your physical world to reflect this new ‘moving on to the next phase’ state of mind – all that energy you just released, is still lingering. Like smoke on the walls, as the energy you expelled is released from you, depending on the weightiness of the thought, the feeling or the exchange, the energy is heavier, denser and more persistent. And if you are in an outdoor space when you release this emotion, that’s fine – it’ll dissipate easily and naturally back to Mother Earth or the Divine Light. Just as trash, in the physical world, such as an apple core or a sandwich, when exposed to the elements, will eventually degrade.

But what if you’re indoors?

What if, other people are emoting in your space and having their own thoughts, feelings and anxieties released into the walls, floors and furniture of your indoor space?

Then, well, you need to need to take the trash outside. You need to remove it from your space to clean up and clear the air. You’ll need to space clear.

Space clearing is simply cleaning the energy from humans, both living and deceased, that is no longer benefiting the human use area or facility.

This could take the form of removing entities and beings from the space, such as escorting energy creating person (living or deceased) out of the space in real time, or cleaning up after an energy creating person after they are finished creating the energy.

When do you Space Clear?

– After you or someone else has released a lot of emotion in your space, such as in an emotional release, an argument or after an intuitive reading

– After you or someone else enters into a new space, and you wish to clean all pre-existing residual spirits, negative or non-serving energies from the space

These two scenarios will cover just about all reasons and derivatives upon those reasons as to why you would want to clean-up in the energetic world in which you live. This could apply to releasing Spirits from the space, releasing old emotions and lower thoughtforms, it could apply to simply getting the energy clear and flowing again in an area or simply become just part of your cleaning practice.

In the next article, we’ll talk about how you set the intention to begin to clean the spiritual space of your lives, but for now – be aware.

When was the last time you took out the physical trash? As a rule of thumb, this is about how often you will want to release the spiritual trash and practice space clearing, as well.

Stay tuned for the next post!

With love,


LAST UPDATED: March 19, 2015