Space Clearing: Why Setting the Intention Matters

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

There is no tool more powerful than the tool of intention, prayer and self power from within.

The act of saging, smudging, light clearing, sound harmonizing, smoking incense, burning candles or any other clearing technique is merely a superficial act of show without the meaning, intent and confidence coming from within.

Imagine yourself back in the the 7th grade.

In school, you have bullies, friends and other students all trying to make sense of the world and fit in. Going through mood swings, emotional ups and downs and navigating hormones, sexuality and a sense of identity, lots and lots of energetic junk is released here. In fact, you may still be holding on to some of it, in the form of insecurities about appearance, worth, attention, and acceptance.

During this roller coaster time period, many emotions, thoughts, energies and insecurities are released. Also, during this time, you begin to learn how to protect yourself from all of this intake and onslaught. You may have buffered yourself by turning within, becoming outspoken, investing heavily into sports or academics or got a job. You may have learned how to set boundaries, say no and how to defend yourself and your space from those intruding on it. Perhaps, like me, you even became an ambassador for others and helped defend and create boundaries for fellow students and classmates.

In the 7th grade or at another time, when you first learned how to defend yourself and stand up for your identity, the most profound, transformative moments, when the power, from where you spoke up, was when that power came from within. When, during the heat of the moment, the power of your boundary, of you standing your ground, wasn’t a simple defensive remark, resting on the outside of you like a shell, but instead, a fireball of force coming from somewhere, deep inside of you.

These are the most believable times of power, both to yourself and to all others in your space who witnessed this truly spoken moment of self realization.

When you are clearing your space of energy and Spirit, you have to mean it. It has to be a desire, a demand and a command coming from within. And if it isn’t, everyone knows. Including you and all other individuals. True power, true defense, true command – comes from within.

Clearing your space is about harnessing your internal power.

And meaning it.

Thus, if tomorrow, you took a white sage smudge stick and waved it around with no real commitment, intention or general intent for doing it – no one else knows what you mean to do either. When you walk into a space, walk into that space with power. With command. Otherwise, those in the space, already present, have no idea that you are the one in charge here.

Why do you wish to clear your house?

If you wish to remove earthbound and lower spirits, say,

“I wish to cast out and release all of those in Spirit who do not walk with the Light in the Highest Truth of the Divine. Go now, and be released back to where you have come.”

If you wish to release energy and emotions from a previous argument, say,

“I am now releasing all energy, emotion and thoughtforms no longer attached or associated with the present space, or no longer serving those in the space for the highest and greatest good.”

Think of it this way. Imagine you wish to break up with a boyfriend. Instead of saying to your boyfriend,

“I am now breaking up with you. That’s what I’m doing here”  Rather, you call him on the phone and talk about a thousand other things than that topic. Or, imagine he comes to your house and you start piling his belongings on his lap.

Might he be confused? Might he know what’s probably going on? Maybe, maybe not. And with house and space clearing, you want to remove all confusion as to what is happening. You want to assure that all of those in Spirit, including those you wish to release, their associated emotions, and fragment Spirit pieces left behind, know exactly what you are doing.

In order for the Universe to align with your request, your ideal and expected outcome, you have to identify what that means to you. All acts, have more meaning and travel a greatest distance with thought, depth and thorough planning.

As you plan to clear your space, begin to think of a reason as to why this is important to you and has meaning. Knowing this alone, adds more power to your punch. Adds more weight to the ball that you throw. And adds more power to the shot that you fire.

Why setting the intention matters in saging your home - and learn how! 

Come up with an Intention.

Take a moment right now to think about the reason why you want to Spiritually, Energetically and Emotionally clean up your space. Is it because you’re a medium dealing with Spirits? Is it simply to assure overall Spiritual well-being? What is the reason?

Write down this reason, this intention. Narrow it down to 2-3 sentences and include these things:

– Who or what you wish to release or is no longer welcome in your space

– Who or what you would like to bring in or welcome into your space, in lieu of what is being released

You can release, cast out or let go of anything or anyone in your space no longer welcome or serving you. There’s no limits or rules here. Likewise, you can welcome in, invite or cast in all that you wish to be in your space, such as feelings of love, compassion and  truth, or thought forms of manifestation or creativity or individuals you will help raise you up to align with the higher and greater good, such as human teachers, Spirit Guides or Angels.

This intention, can also be a prayer that you associate with in a religious organization, in which you not only intend for the highest and greater good, but also call upon those in Spirit to assist and protect you, such as Mother Mary, Jesus or any number of Saints and Angels.

Once you have your intention, prayer or words of direct power written down, practice memorizing it. As you clear your space, set your boundaries and put your foot down, you’ll be reciting these things. It’s like spritzing window cleaner on each pane you wish to have shine versus applying tint to change the light coming into the room. Or, like going into a conversation with the goal of a peaceful agreement versus going into a conversation with the goal of ending ties.  For the best outcomes of all individuals involved, you want to be very clear on what your goals are in the interaction.

In way, it’s a lot like sending out a request to the Universe of, “This is my ideal outcome.”

In order for your ideal outcome to occur, you have to identify what that means to you.

With love,


LAST UPDATED: March 26, 2015