Can Spirits Make the Phone Ring? How it Happens

Has your phone rang only for you to answer and reach dead air or a click?

Have you ever received a call from a landline in an area where you knew no one, and again, no one on the other line?

Blocked or unknown numbers that lead to dead ends?

Have any of these things happened after the loss of a loved one, or even once you opened your eyes to the existence of the spiritual world?

You’re not alone.

Spirits can use telephones as a method of contacting the living. Cell phones and landlines are both possible options.

Telephones are electrical. Landlines use live wires of electricity to work, and cell phones use radio towers that send electrical signals.

Those in Spirit have a unique skill. They are without a physical body through which they can gain energy from food and water. Once deceased, either crossed over or not, they have to learn to use exclusively energy to exist.

If they are crossed over, they must learn to use and manipulate energy of the Divine Light (or Heaven) to continue to move around and maintain a presence in the spiritual world.

If they have not crossed over, they must learn to gain and use energy from residual or human based sources to continue to exist.

As living humans, this isn’t something we have to consider for the most part. We eat food, drink water, stand in the sun, and walk in nature to recharge our batteries. We can easily do this with physical bodies.

Without a physical body, and only in Spirit form, those in spirit need to learn how to intentionally use plain ol’ energy to exist.

Once this skill is learned, it’s almost as if they can see an energy source and figure out how to use it to carry out a task.

Moving objects with energy is definitely one way.

And tapping into the energy for a phone line to make a phone ring is another way.

It’s a simple trigger, really.

All they have to do is trigger the electrical current to point towards your phone number and follow through with a ring.

You answer the phone, and their job is done. You received their attempt to contact.

Even if you don’t know who it is, in most cases, you noticed that something was amiss about that call.

Chances are you already suspected it was a spirit who made the phone ring.

Because those in spirit do not have voice boxes, they are unable to speak through the phone line in most cases. This is why, almost always, it’s only a ring and then a dead line.

The point is to get your attention. To get you to consider that someone on the Other Side is looking to reach you more intentionally.

It’s like sending up a flare. Once the flare is launched, you know something is up and can make efforts to figure out who it is that needs to reach you.

The next time this happens, or thinking back to a previous occurrence, ask yourself,

“Who was trying to reach me?”

The name that pops into your mind is almost assuredly the individual who made the call.

Smile and thank them, letting them know you got the message.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: July 3, 2015