Psychic Medium Twin Sisters Q&A: Our Intuitive Journey

With Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

My sister, Amanda, and I are both Spiritual Mediums. She practices traditional message mediumship and I practice healing mediumship. Our paths to reach this point have been similar, yet different, in many ways. We’ve compiled a list of 16 questions and answers regarding our spiritual experiences and journey to this point, and we’d like to share them with you.

Each journey is different and each person comes to reach their spiritual calling in their own way, in alignment with their own Divine Path. In 16 questions, this is ours.

Spiritual Medium Twin Sisters Q&A: Our Intuitive Journey. Sarah Petruno (married) and Amanda Linette Meder

Spiritual Medium Twin Sisters Q&A: Our Intuitive Journey

1. What was the first definitive experience you had which made you realize that you had these special gifts?

Sarah: A tarot reader in a local metaphysical store told me. The High Priestess card came through, she informed me of a major perceptual shift and life change on the horizon, and instructed me to find out what my gifts were exactly. Not 3 months later, Amanda read me and an Ancestor, our great-great grandfather, came through, to inform me that my gifts were that of shamanism, and had been passed down through generations, with him being the last in our family to use the gifts before me.  His identity was later verified in an email from a relative, asking Amanda if she knew we had a great-great grandfather that was a Shaman. At the time, we didn’t, he died many years before our birth.

Amanda: A friend of a friend died a few years ago and when I was up late working on processing data for a few of my research experiments, he showed up at my house. I nearly lost it and couldn’t sleep all night. Two weeks later, I went to a psychic medium in Nashville, TN and told her none of it. He came through to her and verified how he died and the fact that he showed up two weeks ago at my apartment. He also told her to tell me that I had gifts to see Spirits just like she did. Which is true, I always have seen them – but I didn’t know it was special or called anything! That day, I learned it was called mediumship, and I ran out of her office as fast as I could, praying it wasn’t true!

2. When did you first realize that your gifts, rather than being a curse, could be used to help people?

Sarah: I went through a period of time where I thought my gifts were intangible and not helpful to anyone. And then I used my gifts to heal a newborn baby, who suffered a traumatic birth and complications stemming from that birth. That was the first time I realized that rather than being a useless gift, I could actually help people.

Amanda: Before my niece was born, I had a dream about a great grandmother, who said that the curse I had would be transferred down the family line, to my sister’s eventual daughter and that I had to teach her one day. Up until then, the ability to see and sense Spirits was well known in my family but no one talked about it, everyone was scared of it and it was regarded as a curse. I didn’t want anyone else to grow up thinking that they were defected or stricken with some awful weird disease, so after that dream, I resolved to learn about my abilities to help an unborn baby. Now, years later,  my niece has already started pointing at the Spirits of deceased Loved Ones in the room that I already see – with no prompt given. Turns out, that dream wasn’t a mistake after all.

3. What did you do before you were in spiritual practice?

Sarah: For over 10 years, I’ve been involved in scientific research, my specialty and field specific focus being animal behavior – on psychological neurobiological levels. Additionally, for several years I taught undergraduate students in methods of Experimental Psychology, a course focused on best practices for designing, carrying out, analyzing and reporting data from psychological research experiments. I have since left the graduate program and academic research.

Amanda: For about 10 years, I’ve been involved in environmental and ecological education, specifically involving plants, soil and water. I’ve worked for various government, not-for-profit and research organizations teaching others about plant physiology, pollution prevention and water quality. I specifically have focused on streams, wetlands and otherwise inter-coastal areas, where all three facets – plants, soil and water meet. It’s the most dynamic ecosystem. I’ve taught public classes, university classes and even lead field ecology tours as a wildlife or plant panel expert. Most recently, I worked at a research university in Alabama exploring native plant responses and adaptations to urban pollutants and ecosystems.

4. What would you call the biggest turning point of your spiritual journey, so far?

Sarah: The birth of my daughter.

Amanda: The loss of an unborn child.

5. Do either (or both) of you practice animal communication professionally?

Sarah: Not technically. Though for many years, I studied animal behavior in academic research labs, and at one point, was considered the best rodent behaviorist, animal trainer, and handler in my field. In way that, I believe that the rats and mice I worked with communicated with me, and I with them, on a non-verbal level, in order to work together with mutual agreement and respect.

Amanda: It’s not my current focus. However, I used to work at the San Diego Zoo, facilitating animal interactions and education experiences between wild rhinos and giraffes. I was very good at creating a meaningful connection for all parties involved.

6. What do you do all day? What’s an average day like for you?

Sarah: First thing in the morning, I wake up and make myself some iced coffee. From there, each day is wildly different while balancing work life and life with a toddler. I write, edit, and prepare blog posts and courses, care for my daughter, prepare meals, make meal plans and grocery lists, pay bills, calm tantrums, respond to emails and blog post/facebook comments, work with individual clients in sessions, prepare for our radio show, and if I’m lucky, at the end of the day, there’s time to give myself a fresh manicure while listening to the Ben Howard Pandora station.

Amanda: I wake up, make breakfast and coffee and take my dog for a walk. Then, I start responding to all my emails from the previous day and generally, get finished with that before noon (it takes quite a while and I still respond mostly personally). Around that time, I begin writing articles and curriculum for upcoming spirit education courses or I start preparing to take clients. Generally, I write 2-3 days a week and I take clients 2-3 days a week, but this changes from week to week. In addition this this, I pay bills, respond to facebook comments and support groups I’m involved with, run errands with my partner David, or sometimes we go out to dinner. To wind down and get ready for bed, we usually pop in a nature or history documentary on Netflix, or I take a bath while he practices spinning records.

7. What do you do when you aren’t working with clients, for fun, in your spare time?

Sarah: I really enjoy making my daughter laugh, spending time with my family, painting my nails, and looking for recipes, nail ideas, or cool DIY ideas on Pinterest.

Amanda: I enjoy looking for new greenhouses, local parks and forests and beaches that we haven’t been to before and then going to them. At least one day a week, both David and I like to go for an adventure to something new. Not this weekend though, because we’re moving.

8. Do you always see Spirit? Are you always receiving intuitive information?

Sarah: Yes. On varying levels, I can tune it out and turn it down, but it never goes away.

Amanda: Usually, but ignore it most of the time, especially when I’m out. I’ve gotten really good at blocking out Spirits when I’m not doing readings.

Psychic Medium Twin Sisters Q&A: Our Intuitive Journey

9. You often refer to growing up in a home in which intuitive gifts were not always embraced, what’s one thing you wish to do differently with your (future) children?

Sarah: My daughter has been seeing Spirit since she could focus her eyes. We starting noticing at about 1-2 months old. Now, she practically smokes them out when I am not paying attention. She’s taken on the mannerisms and expressions of deceased family members on both sides (most notably – my Dad’s pacing and Tom’s Grammy’s scowl). She sees so much that we are unable to or do not see, and it is important to us to always validate – no matter what. If she signs dog when there is no dog, we always validate, even if we can’t see it. Always validate and support, what’s not perceptive reality for us is reality for her.

Amanda: Validate and support. Make sure they know what they see, hear and feel is accurate and a reliable source of information, to help instill a sense of self-trust.  Also, to let them know how to set boundaries and stand up for themselves – both when dealing with Spirit and with Spirit in bodies (people).

10. You wake up in the middle of the night, and there’s a dark spirit in your home, what do you do?

Sarah: Tell the Spirit to leave firmly, then roll over, ignore them til they leave, and go back to sleep. Not dealing with it.

Amanda: Tell it to get out of my space in no uncertain terms. Then, if they don’t leave immediately, ignore them until they know I’m serious about not dealing with the likes of them. Basically, I stone-face them out of there. I don’t feed the energy or give feedback to someone or something I don’t support.

11. What was your scariest spiritual experience to date? How did you overcome it?

Sarah: The first time I had to talk to a ghost. There was a female Spirit, earthbound, in my basement for 3 days that kept coming back and would not leave until I went down there and talked to her. She was in my face when I closed my eyes at night, she was persistent. I was SO scared of her. On the third night, after a pep talk from Tom and my sister, I knew I had to talk to her to get her to leave, and I worked up the courage to walk down those steps and confront her. Right before I took the first step, I burst into tears, filled with fear. And that’s when Tom reminded me that those were not my emotions, those were hers. She was scared, fearful, and afraid – not me. With a heavy, fear filled heart, I slowly walked down those steps into darkness and sat down. I requested she stand behind me, because I was too scared to see her with my eyes. The energy was intense – the air was thick, heavy, and pulsing. I talked to her. She died about 200 years ago and was looking for her 2 sons. Her name was Jessica. We talked about her fears about crossing, what happened to her boys, and what would happen when she crossed. After a few tries, she finally crossed over. And she was gone. The only way I overcame that fear was by confronting it.

Amanda: The first time I walked out to my kitchen in the middle of night to confront a Spirit.

As an adult and child, Spirits usually visited me at night. Not because they’re creeps or anything, but because at night, there are literally no distractions in the physical world, so they have more of a chance of getting my attention. Also, Spirits have no concept of time for the most part. So, as I got older, it became a routine nightly experience for me to go to sleep wearing a face mask, with earplugs in and with my blanket all the way up to my neck, my feet completely covered and my pillow over my head – even in the summer, even in houses without air conditioning. However, this blocking out didn’t last forever as those in Spirit got more and more creative in getting my attention and waking me up at night. To the point where, around 2-3 in the morning every night a few years ago, they were dropping rocks on the floor that I’d recently collected from a nearby creek and placed on my table. Crack, bang, slam. Every. Night.

Finally, out of sheer exhaustion and feelings of ‘who cares anymore’, I gathered the courage to walk out into the kitchen, step by step, pounding heartbeat by pounding heartbeat – to see who was out there and confront them once and for all. At the time, I lived alone, so I had no back up if it was a human intruder. When I finally turned the corner, and came face to face with who it was – I saw it wasn’t someone dangerous at all. It was an apparition. It was my dad.

12. What was the best to date?

Sarah: As a spiritual healer, my work involves healing both spiritual and energetic bodies, which exist in individuals with and without physical bodies. I help heal those on both sides of the veil. And at one time, my day job, involved working in the Psychology building of a major University – and for one reason or another, there are many Spirits there in need of help and healing, more so than other places. In an effort to be left alone while at my other job, I essentially shut out all Spirits existing in that building – I just wanted to make my copies, teach, and get out of there, and Spirits were spying on me from doorway windows and watching me from the end of the hall. All was fine and good, until one day, one of those Spirits followed me home. From the bathroom, a cabinet opened and a glass bottle fell from a high shelf and shattered.

It was the very girl I had aimed to ignore, a female graduate student who had committed suicide in the building many years prior, and she had come to my house to enlist my help at seeking revenge on a present faculty member. She was angry, and determined to forever haunt that building and that faculty member. Over the course of our conversation, she softened. As I reminded her of things that brought her joy and things that she could do instead, that will bring her happiness and peace. Still reluctant, I opened the window to cross anyway. She hesitated, for her parents were still living, but all of a sudden, her childhood dog emerged from the Light and came running for her. With her heart filled with love and happiness to see him, she followed him back to the Light and crossed over.

Not 2 weeks later, as I was entering the building to start a day of teaching, I received 2 text messages from an unknown number with the dialog “Message unable to be received.” I knew instantly it was her, letting me know she was happy and thanking me for helping her. She pops up from time to time now, checking in and letting me know what she’s doing on the Other Side.

Amanda: When I first started doing readings, I had a session with a woman of about 96 years in age and her husband and one true love came through. The whole session he showered her in affections, compliments, and stories of how they first met while she apologized for not always appreciating him.. He spent the entire session professing his undying love for her. By the end, she was beaming with love and validating all of it and I was crying, as being in the presence of this much eternal love was overwhelming and so powerful for me. Before that day, I questioned a lot about whether or not what I was doing was a good thing or helpful to people. After that day, I stopped questioning.

13. How do you prepare before each session? What is your pre-intuitive work routine?

Sarah: My sessions begin the moment the other person’s Guides show up. Sometimes this is only 12-48 hours in advance of the session, but most of the time, it is as soon as the session is booked. They like to immediately give me a brief outline of what they’d like to cover and what the main problems are that need to be addressed. On the day of the session, I spend the morning preparing and consulting with Spirit for the upcoming session. It’s different for each person, and my overall process is described more in depth in this post. 

Amanda: I start getting ready for each session whenever the Spirits show up. And depending on the person, this ranges to a few days before, to a few hours before, but in general, it’s usually the evening beforehand or the morning of. Once they show up, it’s hard to do really anything else but entertain the guests and begin getting ready. To prepare for each session, I clear all my energy with a grounding and centering meditation and drink a giant glass of water. Then, I call in my Guides and Angels for a de-briefing on what to expect or anything I need to know about the session today to optimize everyone’s experience. For example, if you’re nervous and scared, they tell me, so I can help you feel more at ease. If you’re a skeptic and really doubtful, they tell me, so we can provide more evidence and factual information to help with validation and belief.

Then, I call-in your Loved Ones, Guides and Angels and get an idea of who they are and what they want to say. Since most of my readings are cold readings – meaning I ask you nothing and get all the info from Spirit – I like to go over their speech with them to make sure they’re prepared and I can best represent their message in the way they’d like it represented.

After this is done, I make sure I have a notepad, that my dog has gone outside if she needs to, and that I have a glass of water nearby, just incase my voice gets sore. Before you arrive, I re-ground, center and clear my energy and make sure everyone is ready. Usually, then, we just hang out together until it’s time for you to arrive for the reading.

14. Do you have any rituals after each session to help you release your connection to the client and to Spirit?

Sarah: I reground, release foreign energy, cut cords (this time, physically wiping my hands over my body), call energy back, and perform a Divine Energy Rinse – a  golden rain shower of Divine Light over my body to wash away all that is not mine. Finally, I thank and release the Spirits that were present and I flush the entire room with Divine Light, surrounding myself and filling the room with it as well.

Amanda: Yes, I have a releasing and clearing meditation that I perform after each session and since Spirit is a lot higher than mine, I’m usually pretty worked up and full of energy after a session, so I like to release that by going for a walk around the block.

15. Do you have a regular meditation practice? What does your meditation space typically look like?

Sarah: No. I have no traditional meditation practice. Meditation to me, is any time I connect with anything or anyone filled with Light and Divine Energy, and also engage in self love ritual behavior, which I consider a Light filled activity. This could be talking to my guides and loved ones, which I do just about anywhere – in the shower, in the car, while walking to campus, this also could be any healing work that I do for myself or others, and it also includes activities like giving myself manicures, purchasing products that bring me joy, and watching my daughter dance and laugh.

Amanda: Not really. I meditate when I visualize myself being rooted to the earth and connected to the Divine energy above, which is about each morning, if I’m diligent about it. After that, my meditative practice is working with plants, going for hikes or just talking to my Guides casually – anything that helps me focus. I also enjoy baths.

16. If you had a motto, what would it be?

Sarah and Amanda: If you think it’s a Spirit, it’s a Spirit.

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With Love,

Sarah and Amanda

LAST UPDATED: June 26, 2014