A Spiritual Cause of Cancer in Adults: Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we went over the what and how of the spiritual causes of cancer, exploring the energetic impact of emotions and how they can cause cell mutations leading to cancer.

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Cancerous cells can be created by a mutation in cell development. Cell processes use energy, just as do all human processes. When we carry with us deep, emotional pain, this also takes an energetic form.

Our emotions are made of energy. Our physical body is made of and uses energy.

Hidden deep emotional pain is made of an energy that is called negative or low energy. It’s non-ideal. It’s hurtful to us, and it’s hurtful to our physical body.

Our body, physical and emotional, does not discriminate in energy use. Energy is taken from wherever it is available, which means, that our physical body can use this non-ideal, low energy created by our emotions for physical functions like cell generation.

When that happens, the cells created can also be non-ideal. They can be cancer cells.

Most people experience some kind of emotional trauma, yet not everyone has cancer. Why do some people develop cancer, and some don’t?

This has to do with 2 primary things:

History of Non-Emotional Processing

Type of Emotional Trauma Experienced

Part two of the series: uncover the most common emotional events and triggers that can lead to the type of emotional energy that causes cancer. 

What Can Spiritually Cause Cancer in Adults?

1. History of Non-Emotional Processing

Culturally and socially, many humans are raised to not process emotions, and rather, to “suck it up” and “be strong.” As we go through childhood to adulthood, and we experience heartaches, let downs, and traumatic events, it’s important to fully process, emote and release our feelings from these experiences.

Unfortunately, in some families and homes, this type of behavior is more common and encouraged. It can transcend generations, causing multi-generational cancer susceptibility. If this type of non-emotional processing has been encouraged in your past, it’s important to begin to break the cycle and allow yourself to feel, emote, and experience. This is true healing.

2. Type of Emotional Trauma Experienced

There are certain types of emotional events and triggers that are more likely to lead to cancer if not fully dealt with, emotionally, and released.

These are:

  • An unexpected, traumatic event that happened to you or around you.

Like a stab to the heart or chest, just once or over time, these events are more difficult to process and release than other emotional pains that are a part of life transitions. It’s harder to make sense of these, harder to come to terms with them, and harder to move on with life, creating more chances that these experiences are not fully released and are instead hidden within our emotional existence. These are a few examples:

– The sudden death of a partner, child, or someone very close to you
– Sexual abuse, assault or rape at any stage in life
– Past physical or emotional abuse
– Mass death or natural disaster, affecting you in some way
– Drug or alcohol addicted parents creating an unstable home life

  • A critical internal self-talk pattern learned and maintained throughout life.

Generally learned at some point in childhood or adolescence from our parents or caregivers, we can take on and repeat harmful internal phrases. These internal mantras make us feel bad about ourselves and like we are not good enough. With a deep-seated, life-long pattern of self-criticism, self-judgment, and self-bullying, we create an internal environment of low (negative) energy emotion that continues to beat us up emotionally, and physically. These often take the form of:

– Continually reminding yourself you aren’t good enough, smart enough, talented enough, attractive enough, etc. (pattern of self-criticism)

– Constant worry of self-failure and inability to provide enough resources for yourself and those who depend on you (pattern of self-failure)

-Constant fear and obsession over not having money, food, and housing (pattern of scarcity)

The two most common sources of emotional unrest that can lead to cancer are:

An unexpected, traumatic event that happened to you or around you.

A critical internal pattern of self-talk that is learned and maintained throughout life.

These are not death sentences and guarantees of getting cancer, as there are many factors at play, including your own decision now to heal and release these patterns and emotions, your soul path and history, your previous lives, and what you’re meant to learn in this life. You can choose to dig deeper, unearth, and explore these events and patterns in your life for the purposes of releasing them and healing from them once and for all. But we aware, a spiritual healing does not always result in a physical healing, though it can.

With love,