Infertility: What Causes it Spiritually? (Part 2)

Infertility can be healed spiritually.

In the last post, we covered how emotional and spiritual events, unrest, and dysfunction can cause the physical dysfunction in the reproductive system that leads to infertility. Find that post here and catch up if you haven’t already, it will help this one to sink in more deeply.

To heal the reproductive dysfunction causing infertility, you need to identify and find the emotional and spiritual problem at the source. You have to get to the bottom of the problem, dig it up, and unearth it before healing can begin.

What types of emotional experiences and events are you looking for to heal infertility specifically?

What do you need to identify in your life as a problem and fix, for resolution of the physical dysfunction?

Healing infertility spiritually means knowing what caused it, spiritually, in the first place. The most common spiritual causes of infertility can be found here.

Most Common Spiritual Causes of Infertility

The reproductive system is tied to the sacral chakra. Emotionally, it is tied to our feelings of equality, presence, and power in our partnerships with ourselves and others.

For infertility, the emotional and spiritual causes stem from events, experiences, and feelings past and present in which there was a physical and emotional mismatch in your partnership interactions – with yourself and others.

These are times, events, and feelings in which your physical experience did not or does not match with your emotional readiness or feelings about the experience.

In partnerships with ourselves

Sacral chakra dysfunction can arise from feelings of insecurity and instability in our own sense of selves and in our prescribed gender roles.

Emotional and spiritual unrest with your own sense of self can cause reproductive dysfunction and can arise from:

  • feelings of inadequacy as a woman, as a partner, or as a caregiver

  • discomfort and dis-ease in your gender role

  • feelings of pressure and not meeting conformed gender roles or ideal body types

These could be overt feelings, or deep-seated, hidden emotions from your past or upbringing, and represent just a few examples. Here, there’s a mismatch between your physical, everyday experience of life and your deeper emotions and feelings. There’s a mismatch between the physical experience and your emotional experience.

In partnerships with others

Sacral chakra dysfunction can arise from times in which we felt violated in a partnership. This could be a time when a line was crossed or any experience with another in which your own emotional feelings were not a match for the physical events. Typically, these experiences tend to be sexual in nature as many partnerings with others where we feel violated do take this form.

Emotional and spiritual unrest can stem from a single, or ongoing, experience with another in which your deeper feelings of respect and partnership were violated, such as:

  • sexual abuse or assault

  • sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behavior towards you

  • a relationship going to the next level physically before you are emotionally ready (more common in high school and college years)

  • continuing to engage in a physical relationship in which you are no longer happy

  • the unexpected death of a romantic partner

Past, present, or ongoing – any event or experience in which your emotional readiness or state was not a match for physical experience has the potential to cause lasting feelings of discomfort and unrest deep within yourself. These events may not be immediately salient to you, or you may feel like you’ve moved past them, but they may still be impacting your emotional being in a way that continues to cause energetic dysfunction in the sacral chakra.

When there exists a physical and emotional non-match related to partnership with yourself and others, this is an area of your emotional experience that is energetically governed by the sacral chakra. The physical body uses the same energy as the emotional body, and when it comes to the sacral chakra, when there’s unhealed emotional discontent in this area, it can and does cause reproductive dysfunction.

Reproductive dysfunction is the primary cause of infertility.

Many reproductive disorders, like PCOS or endometriosis, can lead to dysfunction to the extent of infertility.

The degree of severity, physically, is often directly correlated to the degree of emotional and spiritual unrest in need of healing.

You can start today by examining these areas of your life, reflecting, and turning inward to evaluate your experiences.

Do any of these circumstances apply to you, past, present, or even tangentially?

The first step in healing is discovering what it is that needs to be healed.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: May 29, 2015