Summer of Love – The Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse Healing Meditation is HERE!

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by Sarah Petruno

Loving yourself. Healing yourself. Tending to YOUR OWN needs as a multidimensional being.

The solstice is upon us, the full moon is happening, and SUMMER IS HERE.

I’ve got something pretty big for you guys.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being the tester for something my sister, Amanda Linette Meder, is creating called TRANSCENDENCE. If you don’t know Amanda, check her out here.

Transcendence a 3-part audio recording that’s a healing, a teaching, a reading, and an inspirational message all in one. It’s nearly 4 hours long in total.

Think Abraham, but more about business, creation, and serving your purpose.

It’s damn good. I love my sister, and I like what she creates. But I’m telling you – this is hands down, the best thing that woman has ever brought into creation. Keep an eye on when she releases it because you’re going to want to BUY IT and listen to it before you have your next breakdown. . . or while you’re having it. IT WILL BRING YOU BACK.

Anyway anyway, back to the story.

I listened, and while I did, I had some magnificent ideas.

ONE OF THEM was to put into recorded format one of the most popular healing sessions I’ve ever offered.

The Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse

I no longer offer this as an individual session, but when I did, I offered it at big times of transition – the changing of seasons, new moons, full moons, solstices, whatever.

I charged $199 for this session and I usually booked more than I could actually handle taking on. Oops.

Here’s the thing.

We’re on the CUSP of a MAJOR transition here in our worldy lives:

Full Moon


Change of Seasons

and some may argue, a worldwide shifting of energetic consciousness. I digress. 

The cleansing of the entire energetic system is NEEDED now. The clearing of the aura. The calling back of energy, and the cutting of cords. 

As one wonderful lady, aka my sister, once said to me right before my life completely changed course,

“If change is coming, you might want to consider clearing your energy to prepare for it.” 

I want to offer this healing to help you prepare. It’s what I do. I love healing, but I’m also a busy lady and SO ARE YOU. You want to be on vacation or relaxing, or sleeping, or chilling, or whatever it is that YOU DO.

There’s no time for appointments, or sessions, or $199 to exchange hands at this time.

So, what Transcendence showed me was that I could record my secret sauce that was this session – and share it.

That’s what I did, y’all.

Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse is now a guided healing meditation.

You are guided through the healing IN. ITS. ENTIRETY.

You are healed in the manner of the Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse while you listen.

It’s that simple

The Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse was a distance session. It didn’t have to be in person or even on the phone. Energetic movements happen in the energetic plane as you call them into being.

Energy Healing 101 tells us that.

For the audio guided healing, the energetic healing occurs as you listen EACH TIME YOU LISTEN. You can use this meditation to heal yourself forever if you want and never pay another healer to do it ever again. If that speaks to you.

All for the sweet, summer price for $26. 

It couldn’t be free. I know. Hundreds of sessions and millions of hours of training went into the making and creation of this. That’s a lot of energetic magic woven into this healing.

You just gotta listen and receive. And if you want, you can follow along with me and learn a technique while you do. No pressure.

Head on over to this page to learn all about this meditation.

Grab this guided healing, and listen in while your child naps, while you sit on the couch, or while you’re at a picnic. 

Happy solstice, happy transition, and happy healing!