Readings are back! Summer Clarity Sessions

Sarah Petruno

We are in the thick of it right now.

Summer, seasons, changes, transitions, and murky waters of unknown.

It’s a time of heavy reliance on our inner guidance. But sometimes, when we’re not sure or we can’t get the answers on our own, it can help to have an outside source of guidance.

You’ve asked for me to bring readings back – and for a short time, we’re doing it!

And this time, the sessions will take a video format!

Here’s how it works:

  • You submit your intake form with your question
  • I tune in and perform a 3 card reading via video
  • I send that video to you

It’ll be like we’re in the same room!

Each reading is about 15-20 minutes long and will be delivered to you by the end of business day on the day you select.

To learn more and schedule your reading, head on over to this page

I look forward to reading for you!