The Circle – A Spiritual and Intuitive Development Group, Facebook Edition!

The Circle is a weekly live radio program about all things intuitive development, psychic improvement and paranormal.

And now, Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium and I are super excited to bring you a brand new way to connect, grow, and develop in between, and during, episodes and seasons of live airings.

The Circle – A Spiritual and Intuitive Development Group for Facebook

Over the weekend, we created a facebook group for listeners of The Circle. You can facebook us now – “The Circle – Intuitive Development Group” – as a place for intuitively minded and development inspired folks to come together and share their experiences, support each other, and grow together.

It’s an open group, but closed for privacy, so that anyone can request to join.  Non-members will not see your comments or posts in the group – if you’re worried about your aunt seeing it,  she won’t, UNLESS she joins the group, too. Members can see other member’s posts.

We’ve intended for it to be a safe, supportive community where you can freely share without risk for judgment or competition – any behavior besides compassionate, friendly, and kind support will not be tolerated.  So, please, if judgment or criticism is a concern, don’t worry about that. Any posts that don’t follow those guidelines are deleted, without warning.

Amanda and I are admins of the group, so we’ll pop in a few times a week to comment and perhaps post topics, but beyond that, this is your group for coming together between episodes (and during, if you like) to stay connected through growth and development.

We hope you join us – anyone is welcome, from any modality, at any level of development, from interested in starting to develop, to practicing professionally.

See you there!