Looking Deeper: Completely Healing and Removing an Energetic Cord

By Sarah Petruno, Shamana

An energetic cord is the energetic link between two people (in most cases).

It’s the bridge that spans between you and another person, through which energy is sent and/or received, continually, until the bridge is destroyed.

On either end of that bridge, from one riverbank to another, are the Earthen anchors of the bridge. The two ends of the bridge are anchored in place on each side of the river. Each opposite riverbank, is one person involved in the cord. The cord spans between two individuals and lands in each person’s energetic body. When the cord is cut, imagine that is similar to the destruction of the bridge, but only the part that spans the river. When you cut a cord, initially, most of the time it’s only the span of the bridge that is destroyed. It’s as if giant scissors or a wrecking ball takes out only the center of the bridge.

But on either side, remain those anchors. The structural components built into the Earth, that served the basis for the bridge.

The bridge span is gone, but there are still bridge remnants on either side that need to be removed and the landscape repaired.

When the bridge installation began, it began with anchoring and creating a sturdy base on each riverbank. There was an alteration to the landscape to begin building the bridge on either side, within each person. Destroying the part that spans the river isn’t enough, you also have to clean up and remove debris from the landscape, in order to return both riverbanks into the state existing before the bridge.

Now imagine, that when a cord is sent, either to you or from you, it’s a rope tossed from one side of a cliff, with spikes and hooks on the other end, intended to enhance the probability of effectively landing, and grasping, onto the other side. So, when it does land, there’s often a bit of damage to the cliff side.

When a cord lands in you, so often, it’s not just a tiny needle prick of energy. It’s a giant hook, or a punch, or a huge tree root that comes landing in and anchoring into, your energy field.

So, when the cord is removed initially, the damage caused by the landing of the hook still remains.

And it’s not the cord or the rope itself that caused the damage in the first place. It’s the hooks at the ends.

It’s the less than loving emotions embedded in the end of the rope, it’s a father’s self esteem crushing criticisms at the end of the rope, and it’s the nasty aftermath of a fight with a partner, as poison at the tips of those spikes.

You can snip the rope, but the hooks still remain.

If you were a fish, speared by a hook, the damage from the hook long remains after the line has been cut.

After all, a fish is rarely harmed by the fishing line itself, but rather, the puncture of the hook.

There's more to cord cutting than just snipping the link, you have to go deeper and heal the damage too. This is the reason why so many cords come back - incomplete removal.

It’s not always, or even most of the time, the cord that’s causing the problem, it’s the hooks at the end that land in your skin. The thoughts, feelings, and emotional energy landing on your energy field.

When you cut a cord, if that doesn’t fix all problems, it’s very likely because the hook hasn’t been removed and the wound itself has not been healed.

So, when a cord is identified and cut, the next step is always to asses the damage at the wound site. To examine the cliff that sustained the blow from the hook. The next step is to look into and examine the affected energetic region, and to take appropriate steps to heal the wound, if needed. And this of course, depends on the type of energetic or spiritual wound that exists as a result of the hooks attached to the cord.

When you have a cord removed by an energy worker or shaman, most healers will also heal the affected area for you. Some, myself included, will also give you suggestions and tips from your Guides and Angels, on how to best prevent reattachment and maintain continued healing.

If you choose to remove your own energetic cords, that’s great! I encourage learning, growth, and personal expansion of each person’s ability to manage and maintain their own energetic state. Each person has the ability to become their own energetic healer, through self-led learning, training seminars, classes, and private instruction. Cord removal is a multi-faceted technique, with millions of deviations of types of cords, intentions behind cords, types of energy involved, and wounds remaining.

The emphasis here is that cord removal is more than just snipping a rope. There’s likely energetic alterations and damage to either party, either side of the riverbank, as a result of the cord’s existence. For complete healing, removal of remaining bridge debris, and restoration of the energetic landscape is essential. It’s most often not the span of the bridge that causes environmental damage, it’s the effects of the bridge installment on the landscape of the riverbank and subsequent disruption of natural processes.

It’s most often not the cord, but the damage caused by the hooks – the emotions, thoughts, and feelings sent through the cord.

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LAST UPDATED: November 25, 2014