Does Energy Healing Really Work? Yes. Here’s Why.

Everything is made of energy. Thus, aligning your energy to its ideal state, equals healing.

Right. . .  you’ve heard this before. Probably more than once.

But what does this even mean? Why so vague? Everything is made of energy? So fixing your energy means that you will be well again? Really?? It doesn’t even make sense. Huh?

I’m going to break it down for you and remove some of these vagaries. We’re going to talk about the physics and chemistry behind this statement, but don’t worry! You definitely won’t get a C this time and you don’t need to understand the heat of friction, or vectors.

In the physical sciences, namely, physics and chemistry, there’s this concept that matter – of any state – be it solid, gaseous, or liquid – is made up of millions of elemental particles.

You’ve heard of the periodic table – an organization of all basic the elements of the universe that science has identified thus far. Well, combinations of these 118 elements into bigger and bigger groupings = what we see and know as physical matter.

Combine lots of pieces of the element of carbon, and you’ve got coal.

Combine oxygen and hydrogen elements and you’ve got water.

Combine two nitrogen elements, and you have nitrogen gas.

Combine, combine, combine these elements, and eventually, you have them in many states of solids, gases, and liquids that we can often see with our physical eyes (not always the case with gases though, as molecules are sometimes so loosely and finely spread they are not always visible light reflective to the human or photographic eye).

You’ve got tables, chairs, cars, skin, bones, blood, organics, rocks, and even, neurotransmitters and hormones. All things that exist in the physical, as matter.

And even things you can’t see, like carbon monoxide gas, for example, still exist, despite your ability to see or sense it’s presence. This is because it is made of molecules and particles that aren’t normally visible to the human eye.

Whats exists beneath these primary elements, which then combine to make physical matter in all the states of solid, liquid and gas?

Below the level of these core elements that are listed on the period table, there are subatomic particles.

You’ve learned about these before, too.

These are your protons (+), neutrons (0) , electrons ( – ) and even things smaller than that like quarks. All of these particles are actively being studied by physicists, who are trying to understand their actions, movements, properties, and sub structures.

These subatomic particles have energy – the ability to move, shape, transform, and create heat.

This is a fundamental property of all molecules, elements, objects, and really, all matter. There are lots of different types of energy and ways that energy is moved – such as the transference of energy in waves, electromagnetic, heat, kinetic, and gravity, to name a few.

And through science, humans have identified ways in which each particle, each molecule, each element, acts when it’s in an undisturbed, unmanipulated state.

This is the particular spin and rotation of the electronic particle, the particular wave state that the element produces, the properties of these particles when they are in their IDEAL energetic state – without the disruption of outside forces.

There are, theoretically, and in the universe, ideal states of energetic being for all molecules and particles. All elements and all beings – since ‘ideal’ state begins at the microscopic level of subatomic particles.

And guess what? Remember those tables, chairs, gases, skin and bones we talked about?

Uncover the reason why energy healing actually works, explained in clear detail.

When you scale those down, piece by piece, down to their elemental particles – they’re all made up these elemental and subatomic particles that have and are transferring energy between each other.

Electrons are spinning, protons are repelling, and neutrons are interacting. Elements are bonding, splitting and creating compounds that result in the existence of water, of blood, of neurotransmitters and even, of you.

We’re individuals made up of physical matter, too. Just like  desks and that carbon dioxide gas. We’re made of tons of particles that have energy. Millions, trillions, of elemental particles that are moving, creating waves, and are transferring energy from one to another.

Because of this, we have an energetic field – because everything with energy has a field, in which energy can relatively interact and is contained.

The combined (or singular) vibration and energetic state of any object in question – has a field.

Elements like oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon – have energetic fields. In science, the totality of these energetic interactions in a field is sometimes described as a van der Waals force.

You are a combination of these elements, and as such, you have interacting subatomic particles, which then react with each other, creating an area of reaction and interaction, called a field.

This is your energetic being – your unique, resonant, vibrational, energetic field. And when all things are ideal, in resting non-agitated state, and in alignment, your energetic field is in perfect resonant harmony.

Now, imagine that you own a table.

One day, while you were getting ready in the morning, you set a curling iron down on the table and forgot about it. Later, when you came home, there was a burn mark on the table.

The surface of that table, and layers below it, are now burned. The elements, molecules, and particles that combined to create the solid matter of wood, have now been transformed via the energy transference from the curling iron, to reflect a state of distortion. A shift in the state of the  matter has occurred where molecules are reacted through the addition of energy – heat, in this case – and shifted in state to separate or combine to form new molecules. Yes, it’s still solid, but it’s not the same as it once was and we can see it with our eyes.

The heat energy from the curling iron transfers into the energy held by the matter wood, to create BURNED wood.  Which, at it’s core level, reflects a molecular change, through energy being added to the space.

Right before your eyes, you see a transformation of energy, which is tangible and visual in your physical world, but occurs at the very base level, on the energetic level. On the molecular, sub-atomic level. Changes here, at this level, created a massive change that affected the entire table – and the curling iron.

Now imagine that you’re cleaning with bleach (sodium + oxygen + chlorine), and someone opens a container of ammonia (nitrogen element + three hydrogen elements) nearby! Yikes! Danger! Killer gas!

Guess what? The creation of that killer gas is also a transformation of energy, with the addition of the molecules that create air –  that you couldn’t see. Elements combined to create a new compound, one that’s different and dangerous – and you can’t see it with your eyes, but yet, it happened.

Energetic shifts and transformations happen all the time, seen and unseen. The deviation of ammonia and bleach to what’s called chlorine gas required an interaction of the energetic containing particles within each molecule.

Uncover the reason why energy healing actually works, explained in clear detail.

The reason energy healing works, is because YOU are a combination of molecules, elements, and particles that have energy.

Things that move, spin, vibrate, and can transfer energy to other things around them.

And these molecules, elements, and particles can fall out of ideal alignment and stray from steady state, just like ammonia gas strays from its state when bleach is around, to become chlorine gas.

Yes, that is a very extreme example – the molecules, particles, and elements, that make you, you, can and do interact with the energetic particles of everything around you.

We are solid state matter, most of the time, but we also have liquid and gaseous elements of us. All of which, contain subatomic particles – that possess energy – the ability for something to change, work or move.

We have blood, bones, skin, hair, eyes, organs, and hormones that are made of of smaller energy-having molecules – all combining to create these components, and to have a unique energetic field – a bubble containing the unique energetic and vibrational signature of your current state.

Yes, we have tangible, touchable, seeable things that have and are made of energy –  which combine to make our physical body – but we’re also more than blood, skin, and bones.

We have thoughts, feelings, experiences, morals, ethics, guidelines, and perspectives on life. We have conversations. We write, we speak, we have emotions. These, transcend your physical body structure, and are often thought of as components of the your human Spirit.

Your soul, your being, and your Spirit – the collection and sum of experiences that make you, you, beyond the level of hair color.

And these things? We can’t see them, or touch them, but they also have energy. They also exist in the universe, and carry with them a unique energetic state. A unique resonant frequency. A unique vibration.

Your Physical being is made up of energy and so is your Spiritual being.

The energetic components of these two pieces of you, combine to create your overall Energetic being.

Your Physical being and your Spiritual being combine to create your unique Energetic state.

Just as molecules hydrogen and oxygen combine to form what we know as water, millions and trillions of molecules combine to form all that makes you, you.

And at the core level of it all are electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, and other particles – all moving, spinning, vibrating, and transferring energy. You are, at the core level, a being comprised solely of energy.

When you see someone that heals energy – they likely will assess your current energetic state, identify deviations from IDEAL energetic state, and work to bring you back to that ideal state.

Most energy healers will remove the elements that were causing the deviations to begin with, and fix, for example, the rotational vibration of a cluster of energetic particles that were spinning in a state of disrepair (A chakra!).

It’s like if you took your burned table to a refinisher and furniture repairer, they’d remove the burned wood, replace it with fresh wood, mending the particles and smoothing the surface – so there was no longer evidence of a burn and everything is repaired to pure solid-state of ideal wood.

An healer who works with energy removes the burned wood within, around or upon you, replaces it with new, healed wood – mending, smoothing, and integrating the pieces – so you are as good as new.

There are many ways energy can be transformed and deviated from IDEAL state, just like burning a table isn’t the only way things are changed. A page could be ripped from a book, a emotional insult could be thrown your way and cause internal trauma or produce physical world affects, and one gaseous element could interact with another, causing disastrous results (hint, hint, your aura or energy field!). Energy healing restores your energy field to original, pure, just-you state.

LAST UPDATED: October 30, 2014