Emotional & Energetic Root Cause of Anxiety

Sarah Petruno

About 14 years ago, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder.

Over the years, I’d go to collect the diagnoses of social anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder.

As I’ve spoken about on this blog and on my YouTube channel, I haven’t been medicated or treated for these things for several years – and I’ve done a great deal of healing work to release the cause of anxiety, and thus, release myself from the symptoms of it and the other mental illness symptoms.

It didn’t happen magically overnight, and it didn’t happen by just doing a simple breathing exercise.

Those things help, yes, to cope with incoming energy that’s the cause of anxiety (anxiety is often triggered by the ability to sense {too much} energy), but energetic techniques of grounding, cleansing, clearing, and breathing don’t exactly address anything when the cause of anxiety is coming from within.

It’s still my belief that the cause of anxiety is an energy problem, but what healed it for me, was addressing the energy within.

We can think about it like a pressure cooker.

Imagine that as you go through life, and you’re confronted with various challenges, you have feelings of anger, resentment, stress, worry, fear, and irritation.

Some people have more challenging lives and upbringings than others, where they are confronted with more psychological, emotional, or physical stressors.

For me, my dad had an anger problem that he took out on his children, I was pressured to be the BEST, and because I was doted on by him, I worshipped him.  But, later in life, he died traumatically from an alcohol addiction. To give you the cliff notes.

I had a lot of anger, resentment, and feelings of pressure building inside of me. I was angry at myself for not bring the best, I was angry at him for pressuring me, I was angry at him for dying, and I was upset that I, in my perception, wasn’t living up who I thought he would want me to be.

I was failing as a daughter, and I thought, he did a lot to me to damage me psychologically.

ALLLLLLLLL of this, built up inside of me.

I was the stoic one. The best. The smartest. The perfect daughter. The one who had it all together.

I held the pressure of that deep inside.

And I’m not alone.

Those who struggle with anxiety have the tendency to store their emotions inside. The feelings of pressure, fear, anger, resentment, and worry build, and build, and build.

And because emotions are energy, energy builds.

You become so full of volatile emotional energy, that you and your body can no longer handle day to day stressors and triggers. EVERYTHING becomes unmanageable. Everything becomes TOO MUCH, energetically.

There’s only so much one person to take, and when you have anxiety, you likely have taken on too much, emotionally and energetically, and can’t take on any more.

So, it builds.

The pressure cooker rattles, and you rattle.

Any hint of a trigger sets you off, makes you more anxious, and sometimes unbearably so.

It continues to build. The fear of anxiety attacks become triggers themselves, and you can’t do anything or go anywhere because any energetic or emotional trigger could topple the delicate balance.

From within, anxiety can be energetically caused by a build up of emotional energy in the form of resentment, anger, transgressions, wrong-doings, traumas, and emotional pain.

More emotional energy, more life challenges, more emotional damage, can lead to more anxiety.

More stacking, building, and holding it all in creates a situation where there’s so much energy inside, that it becomes unbearable to live in your own skin. To feel the energy right at its brim, filling you up inside.

It feels uncomfortable and unpleasant because it is.

I know, I lived that way for many years.

So, how did I heal it?


I released the energy of anger, resentment, and rage towards my father for dying. For pushing me to be the best. For making me feel like I had to be perfect to be loved. I forgave him. I saw things from his perspective, and in doing so, that energy was released.

I released myself, and the standards that I gave to myself, for being perfect, for having it all together, and for being the best. I forgave myself for not meeting these imaginary guidelines.

I forgave him, I forgave myself, and I forgave the others in my life who I felt had wronged me.

I began to understand and see things from THEIR side, so that I could begin to forgive.

And slowly, over the course for about a year, lots of crying, journaling, and heartfelt talks later – the symptoms of anxiety were gone.

I was healed.

Through the process of forgiveness, and the emotional release that happens when you do, the anxiety vanished. So did all other symptoms.

I haven’t been back on medication since.

Forgiveness was the key.



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Last Updated: October 20, 2016