{VIDEO} The Shaman Life – July 2016 Healing Theme Announced!

We are one week away from July, and one week away from starting in on a brand new healing theme for The Shaman Life Subscription Program.

The Shaman Life is a monthly subscription program where you are sent an intuitively created selection of shamanic healing materials via email each month, all focused around a single healing theme.

It’s a great way to integrate small bits of healing and shamanic living elements into your daily life with ease – and support!

Kind of reminds me of this song. . .

Anyway, I’m super excited to formally announce the healing theme for July and the materials that you’ll be receiving as a subscriber! Check out the video below to find out more about the theme, why it was chosen, and what we’ll be focusing on healing this month.

It’s a good one – everyone’s favorite topic!

Watch the video introducing the healing theme for July 2016

We hope to see you in The Shaman Life!