The Shop Upgrade is Complete – Come See the Improvements!

Last week, our online shop underwent a major upgrade! 

Those upgrades and changes are now complete, and we’re excited to share with you the results.

Now, when you visit the shop page, you’ll that we’ve split the shop into two major categories:

The General Store


Sarah’s Medicine Cabinet

In The General Store, you’ll find meditations, books, and resources for expanding your spiritual skill set and becoming more spiritual adept – meeting guides, attunements, spiritual abilities, etc.

Sarah Petruno Shamanism General Store

In Sarah’s Medicine Cabinet, we’ve included items that I have personally used for healing myself and my clients. These resources address specific healing needs and are geared towards healing yourself and others.

Sarah's Medicine Cabinet - online store with resources for healing specific needs. 

Breaking down the shop into these two distinct sections was our first change. Next, we also upgraded our shopping cart to improve the checkout experience and enhance the delivery of your products to you.

On your end, the benefits include: 

  • A more seamless and intuitive cart experience

  • Adding products to cart is not as clunky

  • Pricing is a guide – you can adjust the price to pay more if you’ve like to give a little extra :).

  • You can now use credit card OR PayPal to checkout, not just credit card via PayPal

  • You receive your link to download your files immediately, and it is also sent to your email (no more waiting for lost emails!)

Sarah Petruno Shamanism Online Cart 
Sarah Petruno Shamanism Online Cart

We are SO SO excited to share with you the new and improved shop – and we hope you enjoy it too. More wonderful things are happening here in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned.

In the meantime, go check out the shop!