The Time I Talked to a Ghost and Didn’t Know He Was Dead

My sister and I were traveling around California, just outside the San Francisco Bay Area in a beautiful, coastal area of the state known as Marin County.

We had both taken some time off to explore and have an adventure. We had no real plans, no destinations and no places to stay lined up.

On this particular night of our road trip, it was starting to get dark. We were driving on back roads, and had only seen one motel, 30 minutes in the opposite direction, in the last hour or two that we were driving.

It was a wood-sided strip motel on the side of the road with not one car in sight.

It didn’t look charming, and in fact, it seemed a little creepy – it was all there was and we were driving on unfamiliar roads with no street lights.

Amanda hesitated, but I convinced her that it was the best and safest choice, and that we needed to go back and see if they had a room.

When we pulled up, we discovered that it was a combined German restaurant and Motel. You had to go into the restaurant to book a room and looking around, we were the only patrons.

Amanda waited in the car and I went inside to see if we could get a room.

When I walked into the restaurant, there were 3 people at the hostess counter.

A middle aged woman sitting down, a waiter standing next to her, and behind the both of them, a teenage busboy.

I asked all three of them if there were any vacancies in the motel and if they had rooms available.

Before the woman and the waiter said anything, the teenage boy said,

“We’re alllllllllllllllll vacancies. Allllllllwaaaaayyyssss vacant.”

To which, I laughed out loud and replied,

“Okay great, so there’s a room available?”

Clearly, he hated his restaurant job and working there as a 17 year old, I laughed because this sarcastic response was totally typical of a teenager – and no one seemed to even be mad he said it. And, I looked around – it was definitely vacant, he was right.

This place was a ghost-town and he was making a joke of it.

Before he could reply, my attention was drawn back to the woman at the hostess stand.

During my interaction with the teenager, she must have said something because when I looked back at the woman and the waiter, they were waiting for me to answer them about if I needed a room and which size. I focused my attention on her, because it was clear she was in charge and would be doing the booking to get us a room that night.

By the time I finished paying and I got my keys, the boy and the waiter had disappeared, I presumed, to carry on with closing activities – since we were the only people there and it was getting late.

I went back out to the car, got Amanda and we settled into our room.

Not long after, Amanda hopped in the shower and discovered the hot water wasn’t working. I offered to go to the front desk to ask – except when I got there, the restaurant was now closed and everything was dark inside – no one was available to address the water concerns.

When I turned around to walk back to our room, dejected with no contact information and no hot water remedy, the teenage boy from inside, shouted at me from across the road.

He was standing beside a car, and it looked like he was getting ready to go home and was putting his things in the passenger’s side of his car.

He shouted from across the road and asked me if we were having problems with the hot water because he’d heard there’d been an issue with other guests.

I replied that we were.

Still shouting so I could hear him, he told me that the restaurant was closed now, and if I wanted to reach someone, that I needed to walk around to the back kitchen door and knock because that’s where everyone was.

I thanked him for the tip, and before I followed his instructions to go around back, he shouted one final thing,

“Don’t tell anyone I told you to go to the back door!”

I agreed not to, thanked him, and trotted off. Of course, I didn’t want to get him in trouble after he was helping me when he didn’t have to.

Sure enough, when I knocked on the back door – I found the woman who helped me and the owner. Though they were startled to see me, they did help get the hot water back in order.

Two complete interactions with a teenage boy and I had no idea he was dead. Has this happened to you? Read my story and find out why those in Spirit pull off a stunt like this. 

Back at the room.

On my walk back to the room, I thought about what the kid said, “Don’t tell anyone I told you.”

I thought this could be a normal thing to say for a teenage busboy not wanting to get in trouble for telling a guest the secrets about the back door of the restaurant.

But something about the whole thing struck me as odd.

For one, I never told him that there was a hot water problem or what the problem was at all, yet he already knew.

When I got back to the room, the hot water had started working and from outside the bathroom, I recounted the story to my sister, a life-long professional ghost-seer.

She said, “Sarah . . . the boy, when you talked to him outside, did you see his face?”

Immediately I froze. Ghost-seers only ask this question if they suspect ghost.

I never did see his face. It was dark. All I saw was his white busboy shirt and pants. But thinking back, no, I couldn’t make out a face. I didn’t even make out his head – it was dark and the white shirt just glowed and stuck out at me.

Then she asked, “Sarah . . . the first time you saw him, when he made that joke, did anyone else acknowledge that you were interacting with him? Or were they mad he said that? Saying something like that seems like something you’d get in trouble for.”

I froze again.

No, they didn’t. In fact, when I looked back down at the woman and the waiter, they were looking at me strangely and they never once turned around or addressed the boy, who was clearly, 100% out of line making a joke about the restaurant.

Then she said, “Sarah . . . I think he told you not to tell anyone you talked to him, because he doesn’t exist – he’s dead.”

At this point, I was losing it.

I had TWO complete interactions with a teenage ghost boy and I had NO IDEA he was dead.

None at all.

Zero clues that I was interacting with someone who wasn’t alive.

Mid-losing it, my sister informed me that the reason she knew he was dead was because ghost boy was now standing in our room ready to explain.

Panic level now, but I needed an explanation for how this was possible.

Two complete interactions with a teenage boy and I had no idea he was dead. Has this happened to you? Read my story and find out why those in Spirit pull off a stunt like this. 

Why This Happens

At the point in my life when this happened, I could see Spirits only in my mind’s eye. Mostly, I could only see Earthbound Spirits, and hauntingly enough, they almost always looked to me like zombies, with sunken eyes and injuries.

I had never seen a Spirit in full human form like this, let alone a normal, joking, teenage boy.

It takes a lot of energy for a Spirit to do this.

If you think about it, those in Spirit take a more gaseous high energy form, most of the time.

They don’t have a physical, solid matter body that they need to conform to anymore, and the energetic particles that comprise their spirit bodies are far apart, vacuous and high moving. This is why they typically do not appear in a solid form, i.e., in a way that we can see them with our eyes, because they aren’t generally energetically slow enough and dense enough to appear solid.

When we see a Spirit with our eyes, the denser, and the less transparent (more dense and human-like) they appear, the more energy it takes to pull this off.

It’s an intentional effort when this happens. Those in Spirit have to gather particles, both theirs and from their environment, and condense them into a more physical shape. Then, they have to slow those particles down enough so that we can see them.

Basically, they have to become slow moving, dense solid matter.

This is the exact OPPOSITE of the form that those in Spirit take on a daily basis.

The only way that we can see Spirits with our physical eyes, most of the time, is if they decide to intentionally take a physical shape on some level.

For example, water as ice is a solid physical substance. In order to get solid ice to change states to become gaseous water vapor, we have to apply around 212* F of heat in order for that to happen.

That’s a tremendous amount of energy.

Those in Spirit have to gather energy, condense it, and slow it down in order for us to see them.

If they then want to speak to you and interact with you, making physical sounds that you can hear with your physical ears – that’s even more energy.

It’s possible for Spirits to do this, but it’s rare, because of the amount of effort and energy involved in an encounter like this.

Not only that, but pulling something like this off can be an orchestrated event, involving the help of many of those in the Spirit world; simply because of the amount of energy and effort involved.

If you’ve had an experience like mine, it was without a doubt intentional.

And one of the main reasons that those in Spirit enact a stunt like this is for the intentional purpose to CHANGE YOUR MIND.

To change your perceptions about what it means to be dead.

To make you understand that dead people are real people – funny, joking, nice guys.

To drastically alter your perception of what it means to be a dead person and what dead people are like.

To get you to see that dead people are people, too.

They don’t want to be perceived as creepy zombies; but rather, as the real people friends and loved ones who were once your best friends, brothers, and sisters while alive.

No one wants to be made into a monster once they die. No one!

And if it takes one person at a time to change this perception, that’s what it takes.

This was my first encounter with a funny, lovable dead person.

One memorable experience is all it takes to change your life forever. And one moment that you can share with your friends and family until the end of time – about that time you met a really cool ghost who wasn’t creepy at all.

When something like this happens, it happens to gain your acceptance. It happens because you’ve been identified as someone who can change perceptions, too, and that you have the power to help in some way to spread the message that dead people aren’t evil.

Looking back, there were signs that I should have noticed, indicating he was dead – but I didn’t.

In the restaurant, Jason was slightly more translucent and notably paler and greyer than the other two. He made a classic dead person joke about it being completely vacant inside.

He also disappeared and I didn’t see where he went. He spoke to no one else but me and no one else seemed to see him.

On the road, even though I was looking directly at him, I never saw his face. He knew what I was thinking before I spoke and he told me not to tell anyone I talked to him. Classic dead person.

I overlooked all of these things, because I never even once considered he wasn’t alive.

He was very much alive, to me.

And that’s the point he was trying to make.

PS – When he showed up in our motel room that night after the incident, this ghost boy told us his name, how he died and how long ago it happened. That night, we typed it all into google and a news story came up of a boy – validating all of it.

They never cease to amaze me.

LAST UPDATED: March 6, 2015