The Truth About Energy Vampires (It’s Not What You Think)

Energy Vampires.

Let’s take a moment to think about what that term evokes and all that has been sensationalized about their evil, malicious effect on your life.

Soul sucking.

Stealing your life force energy.

Creating toxic relationships.

Needing to cut ties with them.

Ending ALL interactions with one.

Feeding off your being with no remorse.

Energy vampires, as the traditional definition stands now, are individuals that exist in this world who “feed” off the energy of others. Usually the reasons stated for this are because you have bright, light energy, and they have dark, low energy and not enough of the high energy they need. Your energy is better and feels better than theirs, so they take it. No questions asked.

While there are some truths to this idea, it’s not as malicious, evil, or demonizing as what you may think.

Don’t get me wrong – energy vampires DO exist, and these characters are a particular class of disembodied Spirits.

These spiritual energy vampires are typically NOT your friends and family (in most cases).

So, what’s really going on here? Who and what lies beneath the term “Energy Vampire?” And what’s going on with your draining older sister, who really does exist?

The part about your energy being more abundant, and lighter, and the other person’s (aka the perceived energy vampire) energy being less abundant and darker, is generally true.

However, the way that this energy transfer/drain happens is completely, in almost all cases, unintentional.

It happens not for mal-intent and for evil, but usually because the other person is hurting, and likely experiencing deep emotional pain, confusion, anger, and other low energy emotions.

When you have a brighter, higher energy inner light and inner energy source, this most often means that you are more often feeling higher vibration emotions and have a more secure connection to Divine Source Energy. In short, you are happier more often, and more grounded, more often. Your Divine Energy source is more abundant in your own Spirit, and it’s also more often times vibrating at a higher level (learn more about high and low energy emotions, here).

And you know, that not everyone walking this earth has the same way about them.

Not everyone is securely connected to source energy and feeling high energy emotions like love, happiness, and joyousness.

In fact, there’s a lot of pain.

The truth about energy vampires may not be as evil and malicious as you think - it's far from the intentional soul-sucking that's vastly splashed across the internet. 

A lot of unhealed emotional pain, among those in your life. Just as exists in the lives of most people. There are many people with more darkness inside, and not evil, but lower energy, darker emotions that they are struggling to deal with internally. These energies include pain, anger, past and current hurts, sadness, despondency, and more.

In these cases, their inner light is dim, flickering and struggling to stay lit, or completely burnt out. They have, at the present moment, no live and vibrant inner light source. No strong inner connection to the Divine energy that makes you feel so wonderful.

So naturally, when your candle burns out and you are personally unable to relight it, because everything inside your house is damp and rainy  – you need to find another dry, warm light source.

Typically, because your house is dark and rainy, this source exists outside of your damp and rainy house. And rather, inside the dry and warm house of your neighbor.

Your friend, family member, or coworker, who is struggling to stay warm without their own inner light, reaches out in the only way they know how, and heads over to your house to see if you can spare a dry candle and a flame.

Because you are compassionate, and you may have an extra candle, you likely do just that – offer your energy freely, perhaps without your conscious knowledge.

Eventually though, your own candle supply may start getting low and you need to replenish – and Ah! You remember the candle that you lent out long ago. You see your own resources getting low and recognize that you need them back.

This is especially evident if you have a lot of neighbors without roofs and windows to protect their own lights from the elements. If you have a lot of neighbors in a lot of pain and anger – you may start offering out your Spirit lights. Perhaps theirs have been shattered out after years and years of battering winds and hail storms of abuse. It’s tough to say why, really.

But you, with a warm and dry, well lit inside – are recognized as a potential light source.

The Truth About Energy Vampires: It's Not What You Think

A potential place to go to feel warm and dry, while gaining heat and light.

However, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

You can provide light from your house, but in doing so, you aren’t patching roofs, fixing windows, and relighting candles inside the damp house of your neighbor. For a time, you provide an external source of light, but at some point, you must give a few matches and instruct your neighbor to spend the daylight hours working on home repair, gently, of course.

You can provide the torch, but they must find a way to use it to light their home once again.

Energy vampires as they are known are not evil. They aren’t malicious. They aren’t toxic, unless you allow them to be.

In the energetic sense, an energy vampire as they are colloquially known, is actually an energy seeker.

Energy Seekers are those in a physical body, who are looking for light energy and support as they are going through a difficult period of time. And Energy Seekers are rarely maliciously stealing your energy, as true Spiritual Energy Vampires may do, but rather, attach an unresisted energetic cord to your energy field.

A cord is an energetic link between you and another person. Through this cord, they are able to gain access to your energy and you are able to give it. Through it, Energy Seekers temporarily boost and lift their own light source. Almost always, this is unintentional. It’s a soul need, light. And the soul tries to find it in anyway that it can.

If you are surrounded by many seekers of energy, and individuals who’ve outlasted many hurricanes inside their now battered homes, while you have long since rebuilt yours – it’s possible that you may have many cords from energy seekers attached to you and inadvertently siphoning your energy.

It’s likely that you have handed out all but your last candle and match, and your own resources are now low.

But it’s okay. You can get your candles back. In the energetic world, this is known as calling your energy back and cutting cords.

How can you stop being the accidental light-giver to the unknowing energy seeker?

Well, you will always be the community expert in having light – because you have it and others don’t. But you do not need to give all of your light source away at the expense of your own warmth. Instead, you can offer kindling from your own fire or perhaps instructions on the way to build a fire and collect dry wood.

In real world terms, you can provide them with a tidbit of inspiration, this could be a tale from your own life, a quote or an image, or a direction of how they can make their own fire, if they want. But you must tell them, that you are not going to provide them with all your energy to do it.

The next time someone knocks on your door and asks for a candle, you have to say, “No, I can’t give you a candle…but how about the name of this website that helped me?”

When you feel someone pulling on your energy, leaning on you to solve problems, or otherwise draining you – internally, you must say to their Spirit, “No, I am not able to give my inner candle to you entirely, you must relight your own candle.”

How they do it or figure it out isn’t always up to you, but with this technique, they will no longer be a drain on your own stockpile of candles and matches, that you’ve spend years to collect since the last hurricane.

Energy vampires are energy seekers. They have pain, hurt, and sadness. Their light is dim, and they have suffered another storm and you are the warm, light giving shelter.

There’s no evil here. No mal-intent. No toxicity or intentional theft. Only human suffering.

And you, my friend, are seen as the compassionate potential relief of their suffering.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: December 20, 2014