{VIDEO} The Simple Technique That Healed My Anxiety

Before I was a shaman, I was a girl in my late teens to late twenties who suffered from anxiety.

Four mental illnesses, to be exact.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiey Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder. 

As I got older, my anxiety got worse. Sometimes, the anxiety attacks would last for 48 hours or more.

Medications only worked to take the edge off, if they worked at all.  Herbal remedies weren’t working, and most therapies didn’t work either.

I was getting frustrated that nothing was really getting to the source of the anxiety ~ the anxious thoughts ~ and making THOSE stop.

I knew, I just knew, that if those could stop, my anxiety would go away. *

So I invented my own technique.

At the time, I didn’t know that what I had created was something that uses shamanic healing techniques of emotional healing and energetic healing to reverse a pattern, I was just figuring out how to cope.

I used this technique several times a day over the course of many months, and suddenly, the anxiety was gone. The thoughts were gone.

I’d developed a successful coping strategy that would go on to allow me to safely wean off medication and never go back. 

Pre-shaman me developed a technique that I still teach TO THIS DAY as a shamanic healing strategy. I just invented it before I knew the path I would later follow. 

Watch the video below to learn the technique. 

The technique I teach in the video uses a type of affirmation process that re-programs thoughts, and actually, heals your emotional patterning and energetic imprints that paved the way for anxious thoughts to take hold.

With this method, anxious thoughts are pushed away and out of your energy field – no longer allowed to enter. You remove the ones that are in your energy field and send a signal, that future anxious thoughts are not allowed in. 

You heal your energetic body and your emotional self with this technique. Which at its heart, is the basis of shamanism – energetic and emotional healing.

This technique, while I didn’t know it when I started using it, is a shamanic healing practice.

Using this practice is just one of the ways you can include ancient healing techniques in your daily routine to improve you modern, everday life.

Interested in more techniques just like this one?

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This technique, combined with my 5 Minute Meditation, really did heal my anxiety when doctors, therapist, and medications could not. I healed myself of anxiety, and you can too.

Try this technique for at least one month and see the difference!

With Love,

*Anxious thoughts often come from feeling other’s emotions. This is called clairsentience. Read about it here.