The Ugly Side of Healing That No One Talks About

There’s this thing in the spiritual, shamanic, and intuitive healing community that isn’t widely talked about or shared – it’s the deep, dark, not-magical feeling part of healing.

Even when I first started out as a healer, I had been persuaded to believe that once a shamanic or energetic healing would be performed, there would be an instant relief and miraculous, immediate recovery from all symptoms.

While sometimes that happens, it’s not the norm.

The norm is that you get pretty sick before you get better.

A few weeks ago, my husband Tom performed his first ever Soul Retrieval via my Self-Soul Retrieval meditation and the results were miraculous. LIFETIME, severe, high-blood pressure was reduced to acceptable levels within 3 days. Levels that had previously only been reached via medication.

He was feeling pretty wonderful for a while, and then, the purge hit.

Detox symptoms, fevers, chills, sweating, malaise, etc.

As soon as it happened, I knew he was being hit hard with something that I call an energy purge, where the low energy and all the stuff that needs to be healed moves out and through you.

In the medical, healing community, this purge has another name: A Herxheimer Reaction

You can read more about this here. But, in short, is the reaction your body has to a massive release of toxins and pathogens.

Whatever you call it, an energy purge or a Herx reaction, it can make you feel pretty terrible and can even dredge up dormant infections. In my husband, we believe that a long-dormant case of Lyme disease was triggered during this purge.

You feel worse before you feel better. 

THIS is the ugly part of healing.  

A reaction like this, rather than being a bad sign or a sign that the healing “isn’t working,” is a sign that it’s not only working, but it’s WORKING WELL.

But, please don’t freak out. I’m not writing this post to scare anyone; my intention is to educate.

Too often new healers and healing clients see the lack of immediate results a sign of failure, and even worse, that the increase in symptoms mean that something was done incorrectly. When instead, a reaction like this is usually a sign of success.

Keep going, support your body, move through the healing process, and remember why you started.




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