Does a Third Eye Blockage Always Mean No Psychic Sight?

The Third Eye Chakra is known as the center for our clairvoyant abilities, or the home-base for our sense of psychic or spiritual sight.

Our 6th chakra is located directly between our brows, and while it’s responsible for a host of other functions such as our creative vision, our planning ability, and our imagination, it’s called the third eye because it literally serves as the eyes to our ability for clairvoyance, otherwise known as psychic or spiritual sight.

Clairvoyance is the ability for clear seeing, or the ability to see with our spiritual senses. It allows to see those in Spirit and to receive information from Divine Realms through images.

When the Third Eye Chakra is blocked, through our own fears and doubts, or otherwise, the widespread idea is that there will be a complete blockage of our clairvoyance, too.

But this isn’t always the case. In fact, it most often IS NOT the case.

Much of the information available on chakra blockages is an all or nothing kind of approach – if it’s blocked, that’s it – no information and no images. And if you think about it, it almost has to be that way. It’s impossible to write about all the possible exceptions and permutations of a chakra blockages in a million different specific cases.

Articles and books are written for an audience. They are written to provide information to serve the most amount of people in the most common types of scenarios, which is why chakra literature can seem like an all or nothing approach.

When it comes to blockages, rather than thinking of it like an open or a shut door, I like to think of as a degree of openness. A door can be completely clear and wide open, sure, but it can be stacked with boxes, covered with a screen, covered with a sheer curtain, covered with an opaque curtain, only partially curtained, opened a crack, and so on.

It’s most often the case with a blockage of any chakra, including the third eye, that there’s some degree of openness.

The truth about third eye blockages: do they always mean no clairvoyant ability?

Energy flows through us and through our chakras when they are open and active.

The third eye chakra is used for planning, creativity, dreaming, and imagination, in addition to clairvoyance, and because these functions are generally required for day to day activities by humans, we can consider that at least on some level, the third eye chakra is functioning.

In the case of a blockage, creative pursuits may struggle, you may find it difficult to plan into the future or imagine potential outcomes, and if you’ve been using your third eye for spiritual pursuits, you may find that it requires more focus and concentration to receive information.

But in all of these cases, if you focus and concentrate deeply enough, it comes.

Energy can still squeeze and eke out behind the closed door of a chakra blockage. Because even if that chakra was completely closed like a shut door, if a tsunami wave hit the door, you’d still see water come out from all the little cracks around the door jam. Only with a blockage, water would not flow as freely from behind the door.

Intuitive information won’t flow as easily, but it will still flow in most cases.

Now, imagine that you were already an active user of your third eye for clairvoyance, and you developed a third eye blockage.

Depending on how the blockage occurred, this would be like trying to use a blanket to stop the water from coming out of a wide open fire hydrant.

The water will still flow no matter what, because of the internal water pressure inside of the hydrant. Your chakra system and previously functioning third eye are driven and flowing from an internal energy source just like this.

With the blanket over the hydrant, in the case of a blockage, you could imagine that the water might not flow as directly to where it needs to go, or it could be going in different directions, or whatever. Water is still going to come out, it’s just the directness and the aim of the water may be less precise; you could say it would be harder for the hydrant to do it’s job with a blanket it over it than without.

In the case of psychic sight, you very likely can still see clairvoyantly with a third eye blockage, especially if you were doing so before the blockage arose – but it might be harder to do it as directly, as clearly, or to see as cleanly the message.

You may find with a third eye blockage that you have to concentrate and focus a lot more intensely than you normally would to receive images, and that the images may not come as quickly or appear as clearly as they would without the blockage.

A third eye blockage doesn’t always mean a complete lack of clairvoyant ability. In many cases, it can mean a struggle when there doesn’t have to be or a challenge where there wasn’t one before.

LAST UPDATED: March 22, 2015