Third Eye Opening: What It Feels Like

In the life of a developing clairvoyant or intuitive, the opening of the third eye can be like a long awaited prize.

This chakra, or energetic center, is the area of our energetic body that is responsible for helping us see with our spiritual eyes.

It is with this chakra that we can see those in Spirit and receive Divine Information in the form of images.

The opening of the Third Eye is exciting.

But, it can happen in some pretty unexpected ways and unpleasant side effects.

The opening of the third eye is the expanding or widening of an energetic center.

The third eye chakra as a swirling vortex of concentrated energy located between our brows, and when optimally functioning, it is circular in shape projecting in a conical fashion from the fronts and backs of our heads.

When the third eye chakra opens, it widens. The circle of swirling energy gets bigger and larger. It grows.

And even though this is energy we’re talking about, with this growing and widening of the third eye, often comes growing pains.

The energetic body, our chakra system, and the physical body are linked.

The energetic body is also linked to the spiritual body, where the ability for clairvoyance is housed.

Underlying our physical and spiritual experience is energy. We’re made of millions of tiny energetic particles like protons, electrons, and atoms that together, combine to form our entire existence while also forming a larger energetic field (our aura) and small areas of concentrated energy (our chakras). Together, this forms our energetic body.

When there’s a change in the energetic, the opening of the third eye, this often leads to an increase in clairvoyant ability in the spiritual body, but this doesn’t occur in isolation.

The widening and growth of the energetic third eye often produces a physical sensation.

Remember, the core of our physical body is energy and when energy changes, we can often feel it even if we don’t know what it is.

In the case of the opening of the third eye, this can feel like what any growing pain would feel like.

An ache or a soreness. A pinching or a pull.

The opening of the third eye chakra often presents itself as a headache, a migraine, or a pinching or pulling sensation.

These unpleasant achy sensations often come right before (more often) or right after an increase in clairvoyant ability.

In my experience, the widening and opening of the third eye can be felt first with a headache in the physical body, and then can be seen second with an increase in clairvoyance in the spiritual body.

So, if you’ve recently been working on opening your third eye chakra through meditation or otherwise, and you’ve started getting headaches . . .

Congratulations! It worked!

You’re on your way to a boom in clairvoyant ability in no time.