Video Class on Spiritual Attachments - Now Available!

Kick the Sidekick is a 2 hour video seminar with Sarah Petruno, covering all things spiritual attachments. From who they are and how to you get them, to a complete step-by-step method for removing attachments and healing the individual. 

Last week's live class on Spiritual Attachments, Kick the Sidekick, is now available as a video recording! 

If you missed out, you can still attend the class in full - on your own schedule. 

in the two-hour class, we cover: 

  • Who attachment spirits are
  • Why they attach
  • How they attach
  • Levels of attachment
  • Warning signs of attachment 
  • Potential damage one can do
  • How to tell someone has one - outwardly and psychically
  • Step by step methods for removing an attachment spirit
  • Troubleshooting & what to do when one won't leave
  • How to avoid attachments 
  • And more! 

Attachment spirits are estimated to affect 3/4 of the population at any given moment. 

And nearly 100% of the population throughout the human lifespan. 

During the video class, you'll learn in-depth information on spiritual attachments and come away with a 6-step method for removing them and healing the individual to whom they were attached. 

No detail is spared - I share everything with you in this class. 

When you sign up, you receive the video class directly to your email account along with links to find class resources. 

To learn more and gain access to the Kick the Sidekick Seminar on Spiritual attachments, click here


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