{VIDEO} – How to Send Healing to a Tragedy

For months, my Spirit Guides have urged me to share the method I use to assist in healing those affected by natural disasters and tragedies.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, in the wake of the Pulse Orlando shooting, I no longer had a choice or an excuse for procrastinating.

In this video I share my perspective on “sending” healing to those affected by tragedy, how I like to do things, and at about 10 minutes in, I take you through a guided healing – that we perform together.

The healing that I guide you through DOES NOT require that you have or know how to use healing abilities – anyone can do it, promise. Novice friendly.

Watch the video and help perform a healing on those affected by tragedy

Thanks for watching. Please use and re-use this visualization whenever you feel called to do so, and as always, feel free to adapt it to suit your preferences. There are many paths to the Oneness.



LAST UPDATED: June 13, 2016