{VIDEO} Practice Not Owning the Illness

Sarah Petruno

Claiming an illness is so deeply ingrained in our society that we think nothing of saying that an illness is MINE.

MY anxiety.

MY back pain.

MY diabetes.

MY stomach problems.

MY depression.

But, when we claim ownership over an illness, we pull it farther into our energy and make it even harder to heal.

Watch the video to hear me talk about why this is an issue and what to do instead. 




My back pain, my illness, my anxiety, my stomach issues, my, my MY pain. Stop owning it. Pain does not define you. The more you claim it, the more IT claims YOU. Pay attention to how easily we are conditioned to claim an affliction as ours. Notice how often we do it. A simple switch in vocabulary can go a long way – every time you hear yourself saying "my" pain/illness/affliction, immediately pause, and correct. THE back pain, THE anxiety, THE stomach issues. Keep it as a separate entity from you. Don't bring it into your vibration by placing not ownership over it. Release ownership you already do have, and start to treat it as its own separate thing that doesn't control you and you get to decide how it interplays and how deeply. THE pain doesn't belong to you. It doesn't define you. It ISN'T you. ????? #radicalselfhealing #theshamanlyf #ispeakfromexperience #proudexownerofbackpain #itdoesntcontrolme #anditdoesntcontrolyou

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