{VIDEO SERIES} Signs You’re a Healer

In the nearly two years since I’ve written the blog post, 29 Signs You’re a Healer, that post has been viewed over a million times and has been shared far and wide all over the internet.

You may have seen the article shared on many spiritual sites not my own.

Don’t worry – I’ve noticed this too! And it’s OKAY. The information is helping people, and that’s really what matters here. Not who cited who or who stole what.

But let’s get right down into it.

Today, I’m sharing with you an exciting new VIDEO SERIES that I’ve created.

Through the series, we’re going to be delving more deeply into many of those originally shared signs of healerdom – and I’m going to explain WHY that sign is a sign in the first place.

Watch the series below and subscribe to my channel to be notified as new videos become available! 

See ya later!