Can spiritual and energetic healing be effective for weight loss?

Sigh. Nearly all of us have been there. We’ve reached a time in our lives where, for whatever reason, we’ve gained weight, and then, had trouble getting the weight off.

Sure, there are obvious, physical answers to solving the issue of weight gain and weight loss. A change in diet, a change in metabolism, pregnancy and childbirth.And we’ve all heard the recommendations, too.

Eat better and exercise.

Your body is hanging on to the weight for baby’s sake.

Take xyz supplements to jumpstart your metabolism again.

But what if, your children are now grown, you’ve tried all the dietary and fitness recommendations, and dabbled in nutritional supplements . . . and still nothing?

Still, you struggle with weight loss.

And now you’ve begun to wonder, what if there’s something deeper at play?

What if something is happening, below the physical, that prevents me from losing weight, something spiritual?

You’re in the right place and I’m glad you’ve come.

As human beings existing on this Earth, you already know that there’s more to us than the sheer physical. You already know that you’re more than your weight and your physical features. You have feelings, emotions, thoughts, perspectives, and life experiences, all combining to create the unique person that makes you, who you are.

In the intuitive sciences, this extra, beyond the physical, is known as your spiritual body.

You have a physical body and you have a spiritual body.

But there’s one other thing.

An energetic body.

Your physical and spiritual body are made of of energetic components on a core level, just as all matter and things existing in this universe are – everything has energy, and you, are no exception.

Your energetic body is the summation of the energetic resonance and vibration carried by your physical structures, and your spiritual body.

Weight gain, can it be healed spiritually? Get some tips. 

Each piece, each hair, each thought, each experience  – has energy.

And this energy, the underlying feature of your physical body, has the ability to affect your physical structures and processes.

Thus, if you notice weight gain at the physical level – sure, it could be a physical only problem.

But, then you’re leaving out the potential underlying spiritual, emotional and the energetic issues that could be causing this physical feature change.

Weight gain is a change in your physical structure. It’s a symptom, a sign, that something is changing, somewhere – in your being.

And, as you’ve learned, there’s 3 components of your being – physical, energetic, and spiritual.

They are interconnected and inseparable.

So much so that if something changes in your physical body, there’s a change in energy – a shift, a transformation, underlying that change, and as such, there’s a shift in the state of your energetic body. And then what? Your spiritual being, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, also have places in the energetic body.

physical body (energy) change


change in energetic body


spiritual body (energy) change

Now, the key to solving the issue of weight gain or loss, is in identifying what changed and where, to result in the change in your physical structure.

Could it be solely physical? And have no effects on your energy or Spirit?

Not exactly. All parts of ourselves operate in connection. It’s simply more a matter of the degree of the change and the degree of the effect.

Generally, the more profound the change you notice, the more profound the change below or above the surface.

Is the Spiritual event you’re facing profound and changing enough to impact a deep enough change at the level of energy, in order to notice a change on the physical level?

Yes, as weight gain is a symptom. An indicator of potentially deeper causes – those affecting the energetic level and then manifesting above the surface, into the physical level.

Weight gain is a symptom that something else is going on. There’s a cause, and weight gain is the effect.

What’s the cause?

Imagine, if you went to a doctor with this problem and explained that you had gained weight and you’ve already tried xyz strategies – the most common ones, the ones that everyone tries to remedy this problem. The doctor then, might start to look at particular problems and issues specific to your own body’s functioning, that might be causing the problem. This is a targeted treatment.

A spiritual and energetic healer, then, can do the same, and give broad based suggestions for you to try that are the most common for everyone – these are the most common reasons, spiritually and energetically, why people gain weight.

If then, you’ve looked into those reasons and taken steps to remedy them, and you’re still not losing weight, it might be time to make a doctor’s appointment, or in this case, schedule a session with an energetic or spiritual healer who provides target-specific solutions tailored to your own Spirit and Energy.

Weight gain, can it be healed spiritually? Get some tips. 

What are the most common energetic and spiritual reasons for weight gain?

1. Holding on to grief or a traumatic event

Grief and trauma can create clouds of darker, grey energy – often referred to as low energy, surrounding our being or in small pockets within our being. This energy is slow moving, dense, and heavy and not easily released. That’s why it’s called low energy – it’s sits lower, it’s heavier density, and it’s slower moving, and it is most often associated with more negative or unpleasant feelings, experiences and thoughts. This can manifest physically as weight gain (the incoming low energy) and inability to lose weight (the holding and non-release of low energy).

To heal this, you’d need to find where this energy is and clear it from your energetic being.

2. Issues of the Solar Plexus – the Third Chakra

As individuals with an energetic being, there are several components of this being, just as there are several components of our physical structure. The energetic body is made up of an overall field (the aura) and clusters and pockets of centralized, condensed energy, called chakras. While there are many, many areas of clustered energy within and around the body, there are 7 primary chakras, or centers of energy, that each have specific functions in the physical and spiritual body.

The third chakra, the solar plexus, is located in the gut area, in the stomach. It governs digestive organs, the pancreas, and endocrine glands related to digestion, appetite, and weight gain. Spiritually, it’s handles our self esteem and feelings of self worth.

If there’s weight gain and inability to lose weight, the best place to start looking at and exploring is this chakra – because of it’s involvement in food processing and self esteem. The pancreas regulates metabolism and factors that regulate weight gain/loss (insulin, for one) – and remember, if there’s an issue with the functioning of a structure at the physical level, there’s often a link to an issue in the spiritual body.

Weight gain can be healed using spiritual and energetic modalities, because you are part Spirit and part Energy.

You are more than your physical being, which is why it’s silly, to look only at physical solutions to problems.

You’ve got options. Take some time to explore those offered in this post and beyond.

Wishing you well on your healing journey,

LAST UPDATED: October 31, 2014