What causes stomach ulcers?

When my sister and I were 18, she was hospitalized.

As a result of our father’s job, we had just moved halfway across the country and started to attend our 3rd high school in 4 years, just in time for senior year.

Things were changing. I was suffering from severe depression, our father had started drinking heavily, and Amanda had started vomiting blood.

No one knew why, and eventually, it landed her as an inpatient in the hospital.

After a series of probes and tests, it was discovered that her stomach lining was covered in ulcers.

At 18 years old.

She was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication and was sent home.

It was determined that the cause was too much worrying, and if she just stopped worrying with the help of anti-anxiety medications, the ulcers would disappear.

But something else was going on, and Amanda has long since spoken up about it.

She was hiding the fact that she could see dead people and that they were talking to her. She was pushing away who she was, hoping it could just not be real, and continually criticizing herself for not being normal.

She was hiding who she was and was fraught with worry, and at 18, she developed stomach ulcers.

What's the real reason people suffer from stomach ulcers? Find the cause and you can work towards healing  your ulcers yourself, freeing yourself from a lifetime of medication and suffering. 

What causes stomach ulcers?

Medically, stomach ulcers are thought to result in the build up of stomach acid that eats away at the stomach lining.

But, why does this happen?

The initial cause is emotional and spiritual.

There are 3 main causes of stomach ulcers:


Self Criticism

Not Honoring your True Self

In isolation or together, the existence of these elements creates an inner struggle that can begin to eat away at you – and with persistence, can transition to a more noticeable physical signal. Usually, this is a physical symptom. In this case, a physical symptom of worry (your thoughts eating away at you) is the eating away at your stomach lining in the form of ulcers.

Why the stomach?

The stomach is the seat of something called the solar plexus, or the third chakra.

This is an energetic area centrally located in our stomach. It’s connected to our self confidence, our alignment with our true inner power, and to our ability and willingness to stand truly in who we are. When we question our inner strength with worry, push away what our soul is telling us to be true and cut ourselves down with insults, we can cause damage.

Worry can cause hurt, low self confidence and a denial of our true selves. At first, this happens just at the level of our emotions, thoughts and inner feelings.

Then, with persistence, thoughts create a change in our energetic state, one that we can actually feel, as sadness, as conflict, and as depression.

And finally, because our physical body (including our digestive system) is made up of small, energetic elements such as atoms, molecules, protons, and neutrons, this change of emotional energy can begin to cause a change in our digestive processes. A once normal and functioning digestive system can begin to create a more abrasive environment, killing healthy flora, and eroding your stomach lining.

If you think about it, this is exactly what you do to yourself with worry, criticism, and denial of who you truly are.

You create an internal, abrasive living environment for yourself.

What's the real reason people suffer from stomach ulcers? Find the cause and you can work towards healing  your ulcers yourself, freeing yourself from a lifetime of medication and suffering. 

How can you fix it?

1. Find the root cause

Deep down, beneath the unhappiness caused by weight gain or skin problems, there’s something else.

An element of yourself that you are not honoring.

A series of hurtful encounters with friends and family that have launched a lifelong pattern of self criticism.

A single event that caused you to continually question your actions as the “right” ones.

Maybe you’ve been in a stifling marriage for 30 years that prevents you from exploring your interests. Perhaps you were continually teased when you were in middle school and this has cemented a pattern of criticism. Or maybe you grew up in an unstable household that to this day, has you questioning your stability in life.

Search deep down in your Soul to find the reason or reasons that originally caused this cycle of worry, criticism, and pushing away of your true self. Go on walks. Take baths. Develop a practice of meditation. Work with a Spiritual healer. Ask yourself, as many times as you need, what is the cause of this? It will come.

2. Take steps to heal it and erase the pattern

Once you’ve identified the cause, the way to heal your ulcers is to heal and remedy the situation that started it all in the first place.

This may require you to take steps to leave harmful relationships, to rewrite criticizing thought patterns, and to instill in yourself a sense and feeling of stability, releasing yourself of the need for constant worry.

This process may take time, especially if you are rewriting 30+ years of patterns. It will take persistence. But if you stick with it, and continually take steps to change your inner thoughts and emotional patterns, it will work.

Once you are able to step fully into who your Soul wants to be, once you are able to erase a lifelong pattern of self criticism, and once you are able to walk outside of worry, you will feel better – and your stomach problems will heal.

Your energy will improve.

Healing yourself is a process. You can do it!

With love,

LAST UPDATED: February 25, 20015

What's the real reason people suffer from stomach ulcers? Find the cause and you can work towards healing  your ulcers yourself, freeing yourself from a lifetime of medication and suffering.